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Who sings this song? "My creator, I'm your creation."?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) July 7th, 2009

I like this song but I can’t find out what it’s called or who sings it by searching on the lyrics. Any ideas?

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Funny video about a blonde and two nerds. Recruiting ad from the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Director/Editor/Actress: Thea Friborg
Photographer/SFX’s: Kristian Kettner
Color: Morten Nørgaard
Music: Simon Munk
Idea: Thea Friborg, Kristian Kettner & Brian Mandau

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I found this in the comments of the video on metacafe:
“To everyone asking about the song: As stated earlier, the song was made especially for this vid, and it’s only the same length as the vid itself. When you watch the video, you hear the entire song. It was composed and produced by me, and the vocals are sung by a girl named Mette Trudslev and myself. About the video: It was directed by the blonde herself, a girl by the name Thea Friborg.”

Keep an eye out for Simon Munk. He seems quite talented.

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You could have searched google on The-Power-to-Create. click here.
It is the fifth option from the top. Often looking for (a part of) the file name on google works for me in searches like this on more info on a clip. The file name often gets used more often with various postings.
Hope this helps you… :-)

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Probably wasn’t necessary to LMGTFY me. But thanks anyway.

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Probably wasn’t necessary to ask a question you had the answer to either.
Makes it seem self promotional.

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I’m willing to apologize for answering my own question if you agree to stop hassling people.


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No I too wanted the answer to the same question. Thanks a lot Timothykinney.. awesome song

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