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How Did You Come Across Fluther?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) May 21st, 2008

I came across this wonderous site when I visited a forum talking about the best web apps for the iPhone.

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apple’s iPhone apps.

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A site about web design mentioned Fluther.

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I found it In apple’s webapps also.

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Recently (as in yesterday!) a couple of us migrated here from Askville, after a question was posted there about this site being similar ( I really enjoy it and unfortunately am getting addicted…which means I am NOW addicted to 2 Q&A sites. I need help….

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through the fluid site, it had a fluther dock icon as an example

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A rather nasty thread on metatalk discussing this place.

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Yep, I’m an Askville refugee,too

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Can’t remember. I’ve been drunk since then.

Maybe I should just ask the Collective?

Oh. Wait. Err.

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Good to see you here Harp :)

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I saw a lolcat picture of a cat next to a computer with the caption “IM IN UR FLUTHER, ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS” -or something along that line.

I had no idea what Fluther was so it made me look it up.

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The design was featured on one of the web design galleries I frequent.

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Apple’s iPhone Web Apps. Just going through the list to pass time.

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iPhone Apps

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It was mentioned in a slashdot comment, I think..

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From one of the email lists I subscribe to, but I can’t remember which one.

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Well, I discovered it about 7 or 8 months ago while I was researching Q&A sites for an answer to an Askville question. Then yesterday, I decided that I wanted to check out something different from Askville and remembered finding Fluther. As you can see from PnL’s links I posted a question on Askville about Fluther and lured some more folks here. Sorry PnL, I guess I’m an enabler :0P

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One thing I love about this place is the free flow of lurve…I love giving the stuff, it’s like spreading warm fuzzies. Everyone has been so incredibly nice!

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These are always my favorite questions.

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i want to whisper too! sorry, i just haven’t done it before! yes marissa you are my drug pusher!

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I think I found it on Digg sigh like most things…

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u bet andrew just wants to hear “from a news article”

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From my sister. She is best friends with flutherer occ, who is the girlfriend of ben, who started the site with andrew. Oh, what a tangled web we weave!

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My boyfriend was using Firefox Stumbleupon and then sent it to me after her found it.

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Browsing a CSS gallery for inspiration…

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While doing a google search, I found this. I’ve been here ever since!

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i found out through ben. poor boy. all i ever want to talk about when i see him is fluther : ) we all signed up together one night after a dinner party and he told us about it.

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A NY Times article on the web

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