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Any Good Sites or other sources of information on Jazz, Speakeasies, Drug abuse and the 20th century?

Asked by trogdor_87 (1091points) May 21st, 2008

All subjects need to somehow be related, so I am not looking for information on just one category.
My reason for asking this question is because I am working on a paper focused around the question: What controversy or problems arose with Jazz in the 20th century? And I figured it would not hurt to ask the collective for some good advice on where to look for info.

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I would look it up on Wikipedia and then click all the links and references at the end of the article.

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@ elchoopanebre
I know about Wikipedia and its usefulness, I was looking more for specific info on my topics. But Wikipedia is a wonderful place to start, so thanks.

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You see what I’m talking about regarding the links, right? It will lead you to more specific and perhaps academic articles (not written by wikipedia).

Sorry if that was not helpful, though.

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No I get ya. I have been using Wikipedia as one of my main resources for finding links to reliable sources. I have also been using databases to search for info such as EBSCOhost. So I guess i am really just looking for specific sites that anybody knows about that relates to my topics.

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Yeah I know about all the basic search engines, I am looking for specific sites on my topics.

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