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Fran Drescher believes she was abducted by aliens. I figure this makes her a bullshitter, or psychotic. Which do you think it is?

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I too, long before Miss Drescher herself did so, thought that she was abducted by aliens.

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And I think that what she says can be possible. I am an avid believer in the ‘aliens exist’ theory.

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I believe her. Who am I to deny someone else’s experience? She had a lot more to lose than gain by making this public. I hope it never happens to me, and if it does, I don’t know whether I will tell people or not.

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I’m an alien wandering amongst you humans selecting subjects to study. We didn’t like her laugh so we tased her and sent her back. That’s were she got the burn mark.

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Made ya’ look her up on the Net, so I’d say she’s a marketing Genius!

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@SpatzieLover Heh, I would watch out for the next couple months, see if there is some new TV show or something coming out. Then we’ll know. ;)

You can’t prove or deny either way, so I put this in the “I don’t know” box.

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@Keep_on_running When I read it, I was certain of it. She has a TV show on TV Land. I’m sure this was to drum up ratings…the 2nd season starts up on March 7th.
Now we’ll have to see if the ratings go up from the average of 2.2 million.

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@SpatzieLover Well that explains it.

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I agree @Keep_on_running. Whenever I see a story like this I instantly think “What is she selling today?” I’m almost always on target.

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I’m very skeptical like that too. You have to be in this world.

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Being abducted by aliens is a lot more likely than the combined probability of any supernatural explanation for religious experiences being true.
Herman Cain, slayer of Abel, claimed that “God” told him to run for president. People seem to have no problem with such lies. But alien abduction, now that is crazy.

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Just to clarify I do not care about the actress in this question but had to comment.

I do not really consider the “Huffington Post” to be any more reliable than the “National Enquirer” for news. Anyone can post a story. Perhaps before you post a “serious” question you should check the source first.

Of course the author of this one is obviously legit since he prefers to be referred to as ”Naughty But Nice Rob.” ~

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Does it really matter?

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I wonder what @Kardamon will have to say about this! I like Fran Drescher and appreciate that she can be a “little away with the fairies” at times!

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I think people who think they have been abducted in general have probably suffered sleep paralysis or another form of hallucination. I think aliens exist but I do not think they have visited us.

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If aliens really wanted to visit and meet us surely they would try to grab our attention and make themselves known to the world. Instead they seem to really like quietly abducting and probing people. We have such negative, paranoid views of the little green things. Land your awesome ships in the middle of New York city or something, gosh! ~

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Why would they do that? Have humans ever sent a diplomatic delegation into the jungle to make official contact with chimps? Have they ever sent envoys to ant hills? No. Humans pick individuals out their groups, tag them and observe them, and some of those get shipped off into labs where they are being experimented on.
The fact is that abducting and probing humans is exactly the kind of behaviour you can expect from a technologically superior alien civilisation, because that is exactly how humans are behaving.

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I haven’t read the article yet, heading out the door right now. I will read it when I get back and comment again.

All I know is that she’s a wonderful, beautiful and funny lady. She is a cancer survivor and spends a lot of time and energy trying to help people get early diagnosis and treaments for cancer and get the word out to people about potential carcinogens in various products with her Cancer Schmancer campaign. She’s also very active in the LBGT rights movement.

Fran Drescher is top notch in my book.

Not sure about the aliens thing. Will get back to you on that one : )

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About 1 percent of people suffer from psychosis during their lives. That 70 million people on the planet and 3 million people in the US alone.

So, yes, that’s quite possible.

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