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If I have residency in one state (CA) and have a valid drivers license in IL, if I go back to IL and get my license renewed, will it cancel out my current residency in CA?

Asked by syntak (275points) May 21st, 2008
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State laws typically stipulate that a drivers license may only be renewed in the current state of residency. And they typically require that you get a new license within 30 days of change in residency. YMMV.

So, if you walk into the IL DMV and request a license addressed in Compton, chances are they’re gonna tell you no.

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What state do you pay taxes to? Also, robmandu is very correct about being required to get a new license in the state you took up residency in.

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How long have you lived in California? You may have up to 30 days from establishing residence in this state to obtain a driver’s license, and if you don’t do it you’re unlicensed in this state. That allows law enforcement to tow your vehicle.

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I have a similar situation to you. I renew my driver’s Licesne in Florida, but I live in New Jersey. If I ever get pulled over, I would get a huge fine, but it doesn’t affect my residency status in New Jersey as far as filing taxes, etc.

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