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Are you aware that researchers are attempting to find away to prevent Virus Replication?

Asked by philosopher (9195points) January 30th, 2012

After last years Flu out break. I think more people care.
Researchers are targeting host Genes and have had some success in stopping Virus replication. It sounds like they are making progress.
Do you think this research will be funded? Until we actually have a better way to stop the Flu and other Viruses? Does this research matter to us all? I think it does.
Read a bout it here. If your interested.
http://www.sciencedaily .com/releases/2012/01/1 20127162749.htm

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That would be a good thing I think. But nature fights back.

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I don’t underatand how this is much different than the research that has been going on for a long time? Don’t drugs that fight viruses now work on slowing or stopping virus replication. Drugs like Valtrex for instance?

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Hopefully this research will lead to a more effective method. The link explains.
My concern is more Flu’s like Swine Flu. It would be wonderful if, all Viruses were preventable.
Colds and Stomach Viruses are not pleasant.

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Yes I was aware of this. Anti-viral concoctions tend to be something along these lines. We can’t kill virus’ like we can bacteria (antibiotics)... so we’re trying to attack them in a different way, and this is the most promising one we have to date.

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@philosopher I can’t imagine a cure for stomach flu. Stomach flu lasts for less than 24 hours to begin with. By the time you would get the prescription you would be almost done with the virus anyway. But, it would be interesting to have something so fast acting for any virus.

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Yes I know and I agree with you.
My stomach has been upset on and off for weeks and my nose is still running. Many people I know seem to have this problem. We all have sore throats and coughs too.
I have No Scientific explanation but it is disconcerting.
If I go to the doctor she will say get more rest. I try but I have many obligations. I don’t want unnecessary antibiotics.

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@philosopher I think it is more likely you have some sort of low grade bacterial infection than viral, but I could be wrong of course. Anyway, what you describe is not what is coined as a “stomach flu.”

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It started that way. I only take antibiotics when I must. The side effects are never good. They kill my stomach.

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@philosopher I don’t know what you mean by I started that way? I agree avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

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