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What basic concept would rocks think about / bother discussing?

Asked by Foolaholic (5804points) January 30th, 2012

I am in the middle of writing a story, and currently attempting to invent a language for the gods and elemental of the earth. But what would rocks even talk about? I’ve been trying to create a list of basic concepts that rocks think about enough to bother expressing in speech, and this is what I’ve come up with so far:

mamga as liquid rock?
types (igneous/sediment/metamorphosis)
the act of being motionless vs. being in motion
types of movement (i.e. physical rolling vs. tectonics)

Can you think of any other concepts that rocks would worry about that I haven’t? Do you know of any existing literature that I might muse over. Even if it’s just an opinion, feedback is appreciated!

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The fleeting life spans of humans and animals in comparison to rocks.

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“I wonder what my final angle of repose will be.”

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From an animated classic called The Point

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The ignominy of sea gull poop.
Breaking up is hard to do.
How your cracks seem to look bigger and bigger as you age.
Diamonds are made under pressure.
Gem stones run in veins.

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There is a great children’s book called “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble” about a donkey who accidentally gets turned into a rock. Probably not as “deep” as you are looking for, but a good bit of the book is devoted to what goes through Sylvester’s mind as he sits there as a rock unable to move.

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Erosion, being displaced by burrowing small animals that loosen their foundations, rock slides, being splatterd with bird poo, being turned over by animals searching for insects beneath them, rock hounds that collect them and carry them off to be sanded and polished, taken to quarries where they are ground into sand, being picked up and thrown to new locations, being drowned by skipping, fear of being consumed by moss and lichens. Shit, I never realized how “hard” rocks really have it. lol

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They would talk about a rock “god” in order to explain the concepts they’re discussing. Then murder each other out of disagreement by rolling the other down a hill.

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They are preoccupied with the gravity of their situation.

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Rock ‘n’ roll.
Students in acting schools that have to impersonate rocks “Haha, did you see that guy trying to play a piece of granite? He totally sucked!”

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Being used as a prop for hot lizard sex and basking rasttlesnakes.

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GA @Coloma – You Rock!

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There would be competition amongst rocks of different working classes.

Gold – Pompous, arrogant prick, consumed with everything shiny
Silver – Always the second best… and angry about it every minute of the day
Bronze – Amiable, accepting of its role as the third best.

Gravel – Blue Collar rocks that pride themselves on what they do. They are the anonymous rocks, the ones that keep the show going, but receive no accolades.
Pumice – Perceived as weak and puny, but surprises the other rocks with its ability to float and travel places other rocks cannot
Lava Rock – The most evil of rocks. Malformed, sharp and mottled.. it is the grumpiest of all rocks.
Obsidian – Hardened by a traumatic life, the obsidian rocks have a monk-like mentality, but a magnificent appearance.

All of the rocks dream of travel. They believe a day in a wheelbarrow is an achievable goal. When a random passerby picks one up and throws it, it is separated from its family and is abruptly introduced to other rocks, sand, dirt, or water.

Just what in hell am I talking about anyway? Meh.. i dunno.

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None of them want to be taken for granite…

They even have a favorite love song

In time the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble They’re only made of clay But our love is here to stay.

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@digitalimpression That was awesome! I’d also add, most earth rocks would probably wonder about meteorites and stuff, and debate their existence. Some would worship them, and others would deny their existence.

Although if I was a rock, I’d probably just be pretty annoyed that ants and sow bugs keep crawling around on my ass constantly.

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