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How to say something?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) March 9th, 2013

I have to write an easy and I don’t know how to express myself.
I started the sentence “It’s pointless to listen but if you are not a action taker than you are wasting your time”
Do you think there is a better sentence to express what I am trying to say is that when some one tells you something and you take no action it’s pointless.

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The two halves of the sentence have no connection.

Why is it ever pointless to listen?

Listening and acting are different forms of behavior.

So, sorry, I do not understand your thesis.

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I can’t help you with suggesting a better, or another, sentence, but I can suggest, before you deliver your text, to use a spellchecker.
It is essay, and ”...not an action taker…”.

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@gailcalled is right; the two halves of the sentence don’t connect. I think what you are trying to say is that listening without taking action is pointless. Regardless of whether I agree with that premise (I don’t), you haven’t expressed it with this sentence. Your sentence is saying the following:

1. Listening is pointless.
2. The kind of person you are (an action taker or not an action taker) determines whether you are wasting your time.

So, first – connect the pointlessness to the thing that you think is pointless.
Then – connect wasting your time to something that is done, not just who the person is.

I would rewrite your sentence as “If you do not take action, then you are wasting your time. Listening without action is pointless.”

Also, note the corrections @rebbel gave, and the change from “than you are wasting” (incorrect) to “then you are wasting” (correct).

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True I rewrote it, “when you are listening to advise and you don’t take action, it’s pointless to listen to the advice giver.”
Does that sound better @rebbel, @gailcalled and @glacial?
Thanks for your help…

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@antimatter; Do you believe that you always have to take action in order to listen to advice?

Perhaps sometimes you don’t. ’

That may be a way to approach this.

When to act and when not to after having received advice?

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What I am trying to say is that I should act more on advise and not ignoring it.
That is what I am trying to say in my essay…

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What I am trying to say is that I should take action when given advice and not ignoring it.
That sounds right?

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Ok, with this new information, I guess what you are trying to say is, “It is pointless for me to ask for advice if I am not prepared to act on it.”

Does that sound better to you? Now the thing that is pointless is the asking, and there is a context for action or lack of action.

Also, note that “advice” is a noun, and “advise” is a verb.

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Thank you @glacial that’s what I tried to say!
Still learning the English!

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Don’t try to figure out what someone else might say. Think about what you want to say and then say it your own way.

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The best advice, fallen on deaf ears, has no meaning.

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