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What are some great songs that feature the trumpet? Preferably with spanish flare.

Asked by Yvening_Star (148points) January 30th, 2012

Older songs would be great. Thanks in advance.

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I’m thinking of great jazz musicians…...Miles Davis. Dizzy.

But I am thinkinf of Chick Corea, My Spanish Heart as my fave.

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The Lonely Bull- Herb Alpert.

The flare of Grazin’ In The Grass by Hugh Masakela might not be that Spanish, but here it is.

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Ring of Fire——Johnny Cash

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Tijuana Taxi, Spanish Flea and just about anything from Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

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Odd choice but a great trumpet solo in:

Penny Lane—- The Beatles

And if you want older:

Long-favored, and still by D and B Corps and school m arching bands all over:


Hardly a competition goes by without heating it at least once and if they have a real kick-ass horn section, its really impressive.

(I used to play trumpet in my school years so my ears perk up whenever I hear good trumpet, whether Spanish or not :)

And we cant forget The Hallelujah Chorus from. Handel’s. Messiah. Not necessarily Spanish but magnificent.

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Not old or Spanish, but look up Beirut!

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I don’t know if you want only songs without vocals but I love the trumpet in this song by River City Extension. It’s called Mexico.

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Check out Miles Davis’ “Sketches in Spain.” No vocals, but wonderful trumpet and mind pictures.

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Stevie Wonder Sir Duke

One of my favorites fits the bill, I think. Not older but they give great horn: Delinquent Habits

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Check out the band Calexico, especially this song El Picador or This One

You might like Jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval especially this song La Virgen De La Macarena or Conga Cubana

This is not Spanish sounding, but there’s some great Jazz trumpet in Sean Lennon’s Theme for Sean

There are many versions of this mariachi classic called Cieleto Lindo featuring trumpets.

This is pretty cool, Rafael Mendez explaining how to play the trumpet in a tutorial, he plays both Flight of the Bumblebee and then Mexican Hat Dance (played with one full breath only!)

And this is a more classical sounding Spanish brass ensemble sound by Spanish Brass Luur Metalls called Paella (which also shows a demonstration of how to cook paella).

This is the United States Marine Corps Band Quantico’s Jazz Ensemble performing Jazz artist Chick Corea’s arrangement of Spain

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