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Are there any good and (if possible) funny travel books about Hong Kong and Singapore?

Asked by noodle_poodle (1614points) January 31st, 2012

I am going to both places and would like read up about it. I’d prefer a travel dairy style rather than tourist guide. I’d like something that will let me read about someone else’s trip rather than just reference style facts about places to see.

Any ideas gratefully received :)

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I’m sure there are but I don’t know of any, having not been there yet.

Before my trip last year to New Zealand, I spent some time looking at other people’s photos of the country on Flickr. There were many photos that took my breath away, and these were added to the must-see list. Eventually, I found other people’s travel blogs, which were fascinating and informative.

A great book isn’t the same as a photo or a blog, but it is another angle you might consider. You may find really great book recommendations through these other mediums, too. Also when in the country, you will likely have access to books that are hard or impossible to find in the States.

I know I didn’t quite answer your question, but I hope that helps.

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thanks I hadn’t thought of that :) Actually Its NZ that I am off to, I am just stopping in Hong Kong and Singapore on the way. I have been obsessing over NZ for ages but the other 2 are mostly unknown to me.

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There is a book which is full of book recommendations for travel destinations, written by Nancy Pearl, a librarian. I saw it yesterday on a prominent shelf at the Burien library, titled Book Lust To Go: Recommended Reading for Travelers, Vagabonds, and Dreamers. It’s part of a series of book recommendation books, with similar titles (Book Lust, More Book Lust, Book Crush, etc.).

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thanks that sounds neat

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If you’re looking for something fun to read up about the territory instead of a “where to find this hostel” guidebook I would check out Nury Vittachi‘s work.
I see online that he wrote, The City of Dreams
but that seems more like of a coffee table book than one you want to slip in your bag for the trip.
Consider checking out his other non-fiction work.

Anyway, he’s a local journalist known for his wit and commentary about the region, and I used to find his column in the local newspaper caustically funny.

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