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How was your first kiss?

Asked by willbrawn (6606points) May 21st, 2008 from iPhone

was it akward, fun, gross? Who was it with? Describe the scenario.

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Responses from three weeks ago.

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it was weird, we had been walking for 3 days on an island (with the scouts), and we were lying next to each other, and even although we didn’t realy knew eachother that well, i just did it, oh man, my heart was pounding in my throat, she was more of a washing machine kisser though, you know, the ones that have a tongue rotating like a centrifuge, looking back, it was pretty nice

i even remeber the first time i did IT, it was after i saw star wars ep III, hahaha

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My first kiss was with a boy named Billy. He lived around the corner and when I was at his house playing outside with him and his friends, we kissed. No big deal.
My first real kiss was with my first boyfriend, Lance, in seventh grade. His older brother picked us up from school and was driving us home. We were both in the backseat and while his brother wasn’t looking he kissed me. Then we held hands the rest of the way home.

Kevbo: Yeah, mine’s in there as well.

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@kevbo sorry didn’t see it then. So I would like to ask again.

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No problem. Just keeping it tidy. Fire away. ;-)

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my first kiss was a dare while we were playing truth or dare. We both liked each other and it was dry & akward. I remember I was wearing my michael Jordan jersey with matching shorts. LOL I thought I was black – no offense to black people.

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My first ‘innocent’ kiss was during a game of truth or dare. Very embarrassing!

First not-so-innocent kiss was with a flirt that I didn’t really know, but I (with the help of a nagging friend) had decided it was time for me to have the first ‘real’ kiss, so I did. Can’t say it was love and he wasn’t a boyfriend, just a fling.

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First childhood kiss..I was about 7 and had gone camping with my oldest sister, her friend and I’m pretty sure the little boy was her friends son. Either way it was the last day and I was sad that we weren’t going to hang out ever again becaus I knew I’d never see him again (he lived somewhere else). So I asked him to come over to me and I said goodbye to him and that I’d miss him and I gave him a kiss on the lips. My sister and her friend stood in the background saying ‘awww’ and all that stuff.

First ‘adult’ kiss..8th grade? first kind of sort of boyfriend..I made the move and he wasn’t good.

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8th grade. Angie. Sloppy. On her couch.

It was awesome.

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Snuck into the woods at 7th grade science camp. When her tongue started darting all over the place I couldn’t help it and started giggling.

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7th grade. At a country club party..w. his parents. We snuck off and walked around the pool and he lunged. I was inexperienced and felt as tho I were kissing a rubber glove. Things improved after that, altho not with him.

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spin the bottle, the back of the classroom on the last day of school in the 6th grade.

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damn, everyone was at it so young, my first real kiss was when i was 17…

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it was terrible. the girl tried my suck my face off.

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I was in fourth grade and it was with my then boyfriend riley. We were “dating” and our friends dared us to kiss, it was fast and awkward ha.

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you were dating in the 4th grade?

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she’s hard core

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well it wasn’t a real relationship, more like a pretend one we called it “going out together”

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Awkward I must say, he was experienced I was not. Very nerve wracking.

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I was 12. It was funny because it lasted a REALLY long time. neither one of us knew who was supposed to break the kiss, so we were stuck lip to lip for about 5 minutes or so.

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mine was good, i guess.
I was 13. It was at tennis camp on the last day in August with a guy i liked named Brenden. We kissed after i realized that on his phone there was a heart next to my name in his contacts haha

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