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What was your first kiss like?

Asked by discoinferno (379points) July 14th, 2009

Describe your first kiss, the person you kissed, the circumstances, the vibe… get anecdote-y on our asses.

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Nonexistant. :(

But I will get back to you. :)

I’m actually pretty embarrassed that I’m 17 and will 18 in August and still have not kissed anybody. It doesn’t surprise me, though; if I were straight I probably would’ve kissed someone by now. I’m just sayin’...

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I got kissed by a 2nd grader when I was in 1st grade, but my first real kiss was brilliant and borderline movie moment. The guy was named Warren, and he was a year older than me (I was going to be a freshman, he was going to be a sophomore). I was at smart kid camp, which was held on the campus of a major university. We met in the first of three weeks there, and there was instantly a connection. Each week on Friday night, there was a dance. I spent a lot of time getting ready with my friends, and when the first slow dance song came on – Collide by Howie Day, in case you were wondering – we danced. It was at the very end of twilight, almost dark, but you could see stars. It was pretty picturesque; there was the whole ‘gazin into each others’ eyes’ thing, and he just leaned in. It felt like, if it had been a movie, the camera would have been circling us. It was definitely a fireworks moment that led to two blissful weeks of making out and fooling around and trying to avoid counselors who would be upset if they knew what we were doing. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, that’s for sure.

He did go on to sleep with another girl a few months later when he got home, but that’s another story entirely.

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I was 14, it was my first boyfriend. I believe he asked me to be his girlfriend before our “date.” The date consisted of us walking around the neighborhood, after hanging out with friends. I’d known him since kindergarten, he’s a super nice and funny guy.
So, we were walking down an alley close to both our houses, and we sat on a stone wall and he kissed me. First we were just kissing, then started making out. Mind you, this is the first time I was ever even near a boy like this.
So then things went a little further, much more than I expected…no sex or anything but it was sexual. I don’t know why he felt the need to do that the first time we were together alone and kissing. He didn’t force me to do anything, I was more shocked than anything. We dated for about two months after that. Still talk to him to this day, it’s funny reminiscing.

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terrible…she was not interested whatsoever…i was at college…..enough said….:-(

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Uninspiring. I thought she was gonna swallow my head.
So was the second girl I kissed. She threw herself at me in a High School hallway.
The Third One was magical, spinning my head to the point I nearly lost balance. It was the night of her 16th birthday, and I drove her home after. We talked in the car till early in the morning, and I finally kissed her when I walked her to the door. I never felt so connected to someone.
That feeling repeated every time I kissed her. Magical!

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My first kiss was is kindergarten. His name was bobby and he was just so cute in that ADD kind of five year old way. I went to a small christian school and was always in trouble. We climbed on top of the lunch table and shared a completely inappropriate smooch. I was defiant and anti-institution at five, and earned that trip to the principals office. He ended up becoming a pastor, so I think for him it was lurve.

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I was 14, he was 16. It was at the airport heading home after an Outward Bound experience. We were both smelly and dirty, and I remember he had bad acne and cold sores.
He was the grandson of a celebrity, and I kept hearing he was on the trip but we weren’t in the same group so I didn’t meet him until the last few days of the 3 week experience. We met and he liked me. I still thought boys were kinda icky, but I was flattered that the gossiped-about guy was into me.
The kiss was gross. Total tongue violation and lots of slobber. He did send me my 1st ever mix tape from a boy a few weeks later, though.

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I remember thinking “her tongue tastes bad”. Until I kissed her again.

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Hmm, it was haha weird we both didn’t know what to do and he accidentally bit my lip

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My first kiss was with my current boyfriend now. It was 3 years ago I was 15. He tried to kiss me and I like freaked out and so we did not try to kiss again until we talked about it. He felt really bad. Then one day we were in my room talking and he said “How about you kiss me on the cheek, come on it is just on the cheek.”. Right when I kissed him on the cheek he turned his head and we kissed. I thought is was very cute. But I wasn’t happy he tricked me at first.

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Hahah Dominic baby it’s okay, I haven’t really either. And I don’t even have the “I’m gay but not out of the closet yet” excuse to fall back on. I thought to ask this question because randomly tonight after dinner my mom goes, “So, have you had that first kiss yet, or are you waiting til college?” (a) What the fuck? b) Shut up, you’re not supposed to know I haven’t kissed anyone yet) and I was just like.. “I don’t like talking about this kind of stuff” and she was like “oh come on, I tell you all my stories” and I was just like ”....”

Anyway, I have a semi-kiss experience that is so fucking dumb that it’s not even worth talking about. I met this kid from Ireland on a cruise April of 08 and I thought it was a good chance for my first kiss. But the last night of the cruise he didn’t feel well. So we ended up chillin’ on this flight of stairs for like an hour while he laid down, and I just sat there inwardly pissed off… while he was trying to be cuddly and shit. And eventually he was like, okay, I have to go to bed, I have to leave early tomorrow. And I was like Arite? So we started to walk to his room, and at one point we stopped, and he was just STARING at me, which I found unsettling (apparently that means he wanted to kiss me… I learn these things too late). At one point he goes, “So we just gonna stand here all night?” and I was like “You’re the one who wanted to go to your room, so let’s go!” So we did, and we’re standing at the door and after a few more moments of awkward staring he goes, “So do I get a kiss off you then?” in his Irish accent, and I said, ”’re going to get me sick” But apparently that meant “yes” to him, cause he leaned in and kissed me anyway. Just a peck, nothing exciting, and then he went into his room. GOOD TIMES.

After reflecting on this event I have realized I’m either the most unromantic person on Earth, the dumbest, or the most nervous. You make the call, Flutherites.

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I havent had my 1st kiss yet but im hoping it will be fantastic and amazing and romantic and that ill never forget it but i really want to have a 1st kiss and that it will be with the guy i have a BIG crush on and i just cannot wait 2 have it :-)

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My first kiss was good, until I found out the truth behind it.

I was in 8th grade and liked this boy “Scott” – he was so cute, but I was shy. He started paying attention to me, talking to me, noticing me in the hallways. One of his friends even said he liked me. I was so happy. He asked me to a dance – no kiss. No big deal. I had fun. The next day another guy, a really good friend of mine, “Mike” told me to ignore him, he was a loser and I needed to turn him down if he asked me out, again. I was so upset, I couldn’t believe he wasn’t being supportive. Scott asked me out again, after the dance, he kissed me. The next day, he ignored me.

Later that day, I found out that I was on his list of girls that he wanted to kiss before the end of the year. School was almost over and I was the only girl he hadn’t kissed on his list. I was part of a bet he had with his friends.

Turns out, Mike was really the great guy. He also liked me, he just never told me. I found out from other people. I hurt his feelings, but he accepted my apology.

The kiss, well, it sucked. Scott needed to learn a few things. Not the least of which, was manners and sensitivity!

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@discoinferno Aw, I think it’s sweet your mother is trying to talk to you about it! Embrace it!

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I was 14 and had a crush on my 21 year old neighbor. We were friends. He was over my house one day watching tv. We kissed..french kissed. It was a euphoric experience. Some other things also happened that I shouldn’t mention lol
The interesting part is that now my stomach turns every time I see him. I don’t know why. Also, I pretty sure he’s gay now

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@Facade HOLY SHI—He was 21 and kissed a 14 year old? Gross.

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@Facade Maybe the feeling in your stomach is because he was 21 and you were a child.

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I was 19, he was 23, it was college. I discovered that despite my lack of any experience with dating or anything remotely sexual at that point, I had a natural gift for kissing. He wasn’t bad either. We really weren’t much suited in any other respect, but we were great kissers! :D

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I’ve never felt like a child and I like older men. I don’t see the big deal.

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@DominicX : No worries. I wasn’t kissed until I was 16, so you’re just fine in my book. ;-)

I was 16, he was 16, we had been friends for a year or so and everybody basically thought we were going to end up dating. I still remember the day: February 8, 2002 (I’m not that insane, I remember it because it was the day before my mom’s birthday and the opening day of the winter olympics in Salt Lake City). We decided to go for a drive, because that’s what 16 year olds do in Chicago at 10 o’clock at night on a Friday. We were chatting in the car next to this park, discussing the fact that we weren’t dating, when he kissed me. It was lame (on my part, poor him), but they get better…

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Awkward. As a young boy you don’t really want to be kissed. Girls were still gross in that stage of life. Nevertheless, the girl next door was quite positive we would one day be married.

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awkward sloppy and all and all terrible.

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I was 17 and he was 19. It was our second date and we went to see my cousin’s band play in a concert. He was sitting with me where he put his arm around me and this was the first time I have ever gotten really close to a guy before so it was a really good experience. Then when we got to my house we shared a short smooch in my driveway. It was very magical and I will never forget that.

For the other people who have not experienced their first kiss yet, you will. Just remember to don’t waste it, because you will never forget it.

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I remember we had just been to the cinema and were taking the bus home (my house was at the end of the bus route while hers was along the way) and it was raining heavily outside. Now, at the time I had not the faintest idea of how to initiate a kiss so was basically jittering wildly while occasionally glancing at her while she was talking about the film we went to see (which I can’t recall). Then I suddenly interrupted her with my smoothest line, “Nicole, I really like you <pause for effect/brief heart attack> and I want to kiss you” (I would like to thank the academy). Thankfully she just thought it was cute and we smooched for a few minutes until she had to get off at her stop. How good the experience was didn’t compute until later that night when I was at home and started wondering if all kisses felt that good.

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I was 14 and she was 16. It was a nightmare. She wasn’t even my girlfriend. She just grabbed me in a church when I least expected it. I felt really weird kissing in a church to start with. I completely panicked and went out.

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We as young men (boys) talked about how to kiss a girl. How the tongue goes in the mouth and such.
Finally that day came, walked her home from school. We detoured into the woods. Made my move.
Then, she stuck her tongue in my mouth!
I kept my cool, we went our separate ways. She being North and I being South.
I spit all the way home!
Funny, it is all good now. ;-)

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My first kiss was when I was in the third grade. We were laying on my bed, watching the disco lights go across the ceiling and he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He flipped out and was terrified that I was going to make it go further.
My first kiss+tongue was amazing. I was about 13 and he was around 17. We were standing outside of the high school past hours while he and his friends were skating. I was about to leave with a friend and he whipped in for a goodbye kiss. We weren’t even dating but I didn’t mind in the least, every girl in school wanted him. I remember my friends pointing up in the sky saying, “Look at that dead bird up there.” Stupid kids :-P

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I honestly did not think I was going to be getting back to this question so soon. I’m sorry you had to leave, Disco, but I will tell you this story again some other time if I can contact you.

Basically, a lot of mind blowing and life-changing things happened while I was in San Diego. It started out with my friend Rory and I deciding that we were going to go on a road trip to San Diego. Two of our female friends were already there staying with their grandparents and we figured we would meet up with them while we were there.

I had always guessed that it was a good possibility that Rory was gay. As I have mentioned before, he was never in a relationship in high school despite the fact that girls liked him, he never talked about hot girls with me, he even once said he wasn’t interested in having sex. I put two and two together but I wasn’t going to say anything about it. I kind guessed that maybe he would’ve done the same for me since there were definitely signs.

Anyway, Rory and I were at my friend’s grandparents house on the 18th in the backyard at night. It was a weird yard with all kinds of decorations and ornaments and potted plants. Rory and I were talking for a long time about all kinds of things. Eventually, I decided that I really wanted to know what his orientation was, but I wasn’t going to outright ask him. I asked him what girls he liked (since this is the way my friend Alicia got me to admit that I was gay…I wasn’t trying to trick him, but if he were straight, he probably would’ve answered). Anyway, he didn’t answer it right away. He paused and stuttered and then I said “no one asks me that anymore”. He said “you don’t like girls?” and I said “not in that way”. At that point, there was no going back. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to faint. I was shaking and sweating and he probably was as well. I figured this could be the end of our friendship. Then he admitted the same thing.

I think I just about had a heart attack then. I was elated, shocked, happy, weirded out, and a trillion different emotions at once. At that point, I asked him if he had ever kissed anyone and he said no. I decided to sit closer to him at that point and then I asked “do you think I’m a good friend?” and he said “yes” and asked the same question and I gave the same response. Then it happened. It was literally just a few seconds, no tongues or anything, just on the lips.

Next, my female friends came back out into the garden and startled the shit out of me. For the next few days, Rory and I shared everything and I mean everything. We haven’t done anything since that, but we discussed a relationship and everything. We’re not going the same college or anything, so that makes it difficult. Still, we both admitted that we would be willing to be boyfriend and boyfriend. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but don’t worry, I’m expecting for nothing further to happen and I won’t be surprised if that was all of it. Sorry for the long post, but things are about to get very different around here.

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@DominicX :D SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Too cute!
Trust me, I must have liked it, I actually read it all the way through ;-)

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haha…thanks. It’s one of those things where I have to keep asking myself “did that really happen?” Seriously, I woke up that night around 3 wondering if it had been a dream. Sounds so clich├ęd, but you really do question reality when something that unbelievable happens. I never imagined that I would kiss that extremely cute boy I first saw in 6th grade and didn’t even know. lol. Believe me, I was shocked when I realized that I was becoming friends with him.

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I’m happy to hear that @DominicX. It must have been a seriously enjoyable few days for you :)

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It was pretty amazing. That’s why I asked the San Diego question. That’s always going to be a special place. :)

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@DominicX: What a great story! I didn’t even think it was long, I was just doing the obligatory girly squeal in my head when something is incredibly cute or romantic!

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it was awful, the guy was about ten years older than me and i thought he would know what he was doing. boy was i wrong, it was like i took a sponge, soaked it in water and put the whole thing in my mouth, i couldnt wait to get away from him…

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@mellow_girl Ew ew ew ew.
I had to read @DominicX‘s again :) It makes me happy :D!!!

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I don’t know, never saw them live.

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…or do you mean Hershey’s Kisses?

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It was like a mouth full of someone else’s spit.

Actually, that is just what it was.

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I came back to visit old ground, re-read @DominicX‘s answer and started feeling all mushy inside again. Dang… The power of a good story…

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