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If you just found out you had a three day weekend, with no limits of any type, what would you do?

Asked by blueiiznh (16683points) February 1st, 2012

If you just found out you had a three day weekend, with no limits of
any type, what would you do?
Where would you go?
Who would you bring if anyone?

As asked…

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Take a trip wither to the mountains or to the coast with my husband and dogs.

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Something inexpensive (unless “no limits of any type” meant everything was free).
Probably take the family to the beach, go on a bike ride, work around the house or garage, go visit our parents.

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Go for a 2.5 day walk in the woods. The other half day would be spent getting to and from the woods.

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I would go to Brazil with my friends, and since I would only be about 3 hours away by plane. We could go to San Paolo to the beaches there, or maybe we could go to Bariloche, Chile, because I’ve heard it’s beautiful right now. Maybe we’ll even get to see the volcano smoking!

I’m assuming that no limits pertains to money.

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Fly me and my family to Disneyland (all 10 of us).

We are currently in the process of saving up to take four adults and 2 children to Disneyland in December. It will cost approximately $2,000, so we have to save all year to make it, and we will still have to leave behind the other four adults that want to go.

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I would go to a warm tropical island and take someone that was special to me.

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Charter a private jet, hire a ski instructor and take my kids skiing in Colorado the first day then do what ever they wanted the next two.

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@troubleinharlem I like your idea! I have heard of Bariloche in Argentina: is there a Bariloche in Chile too?

As far as the original question, I would go to a beach not too far away to maximize the time there (whatever the season). A place to stay in front of the beach would be great!

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I’d spend it with my husband in Carmel/Monterey, San Francisco and Napa Valley.

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Well I for one would spend it with a certain someone doing gawd knows what and loving every minute of it! :)

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A drive through Southern NH and Southern Vermont…stopping at every bookshop possible and drinking fresh pressed cider and spending the nights at B&B’s on the way…but, alas, then the whole trip would get cancelled because we steadfastly refuse to leave Marlborough Books. :)

Who with? Come on…this isn’t rocket science. lol

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In light of the recent avalanches, I think I’d rather take my kids to the beach ; )

<—- Not a rocket scientist but still don’t know who!!! LOL Southern NH, eh?
Daymn… everyone knows who everyone’s special someone’s are here but me : (

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Speedskate and make love all weekend. ;)

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