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Would you allow ten year olds to jump into this kind of water?

Asked by Aster (19994points) February 1st, 2012

There is a 50 acre Texas lake that has a little sign on one end: Beware of Alligators. The lake also has a lot of large bass. You are on your boat with kids who want to jump off and swim. They are expert swimmers and their mother, your daughter, is also on the boat but: would you allow them to jump?

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The sign is there for a reason, thus, no.

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Maybe if I had one too many kids?~

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If an alligator decides that those children are tasty, which it could because children are of the right size, then it doesn’t matter how good swimmers those children (or anyone) are. The alligator is much more powerful and much more capable. If an alligator gets a hold of a child, it could go into the “death roll”, which is strong enough to literally rip chunks of flesh off of the victim. There is almost absolutely no chance of survival.

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You have big assed fishing poles you can bait each of them on? Go for it.

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The lake has alligators in it? I wouldn’t let my kids jump in there no matter how old they are lol. I think alligators eat like once a month, but if you scare one, it’s gonna attack. It’s happened to people quite a few times.

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@Symbeline But if you hook and land the alligator think of all the purses, handbags, and boots.

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@Aster Am I messing with your thread too much?

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@Adirondackwannabe Lol. Then I’ll go fish some cows and get mesself a nice trenchcoat.

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@Symbeline That’s awesome. LMAO. What’s the bait?

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Er…grass? Cows don’t seem to be interested in anything else. XD

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@Symbeline Grass doesn’t stay on the hook well though.

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@Aster Here’s a serious answer: What’s the upside and what’s the downside of the choice? A nice swim versus getting munched. Pretty easy descision.

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I guess it depends on the size of the lake. Due to their size and slow metabolism, alligators hunt exclusively near the shore. I might let my kids swim in the middle of a large (several miles across), deep lake.

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No never.

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I wouldn’t even go on the lake in a boat.
But then again, although there are no(t everywhere) signs on the side of the ocean, there are sharks in it and still lots of people (including children) jump in and swim in them.
You could throw a (dead) chicken in first, to see if they bite.

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@rebbel it’s not teeming with alligators. If they see ONE they put a sign up. LOL If it were just packed with gators everyone would know about it and talk. So far , that isn’t happening. In Florida I am sure they’re more prolific.

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If the water was clear, and I had a high magazine rifle able to lay down the lead in bunches, I would more than likely let the little nippers take a dip. Other than that…..I don’t think so.

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