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Do you ever feel like you want a hug all of a sudden?

Asked by MilkyWay (13730points) February 2nd, 2012

I get this feeling sometimes… just wondered if anyone else flet like this.
I feel happy, even though I have absolutely no reason to be.
I just feel like giving out lovee here and there and everywhere, and wanna hug someone.
Some of you will be rolling your eyes right about now and thinking ”What the hell?” But that’s okay, because I’m happy :)
So, wanna hug?

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Any time. Love hugs. Thanks.

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Woot, free hugs.


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I do want a hug, thank you. I feel like a turd.

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Let’s all be turds together.

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Thank you, Sweetie, I sure could use one! My puppy is sick and I feel down.

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What???? Hug roll call????? HERE!

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turds! turds! turds!

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Yes I do. Thanks!

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Good for you lady. I’d love a hug.

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I just saw a news article and video about some girl throwing puppies into the river. You could hear them and everything, and she put this up on YT. Now there is talk that the video could be hoaxed, but it looked pretty real. The girl hasn’t been located (this is in Bosnia somewhere) but her video was removed from YT.
That’s just sick and disgusting and now I want a hug. And I want to raise those puppies back from the dead and sick em on that filth who threw them in the water.

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“And I want to raise those puppies back from the dead and sick em on that filth who threw them in the water.”

That would be too nice a fate for such a murderous ahole, unless they were revived as zombie-piranha puppies.

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Yes, yes I do. <opens arms>

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Sure! Hugs are always welcome! That’s the best kind of happy…just happy, because you are feeling your aliveness, no need for anything else to be going on…bask in the joy of just BEING! :-D

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{{{HUGS}}} and smooches.

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It’s like you read my mind or something.


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I’m always up for a hug. C’mere you… ((BEAR HUG))

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Yes. Yes, I do.

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Don’t get enough lately =/

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I would love a hug. Kind of need one… :/

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more hugs (((((((((((HUG)))))))))))

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I welcome back this question. It’s like a zombie. It came back.

You know what would be cool? A zombie with a motorcycle helmet on its head and a ’‘Hug me!’’ sign around its neck.

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I would love a hug right now! :3

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You guys can’t see it, but I’m holding up a sign that says “Free Hugs!”

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Take a picture!

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I never suddenly need a hug. But I’m always ready for one.

I’m always down for a shrug too.

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A hug is the perfect gift; one size fits all, and nobody minds if you exchange it.

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Aww you guys are the best! ((((((((HUG))))))))
I kinda got a bit cheeky and reworded the Q. Glad they decided to let it stay

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This week! There has been stuff going on and I have nobody and no one. I really really really need not just a hug, but a person or people with whom I feel comfortable enough to hug. I wish wish wish I wasn’t so damned alone, raising the kids and trying to be everything to my son and trying so desperately to make up for everything that is missing in my step son’s life. I need a hug. Big time.

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@cazzie Emotional isolation sucks. Your jellies are here for you. ((((((BIG HUG)))))))

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You could give out free hugs

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^That is so sweet!

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@MilkyWay Thanks for the hug :) I loved the vid too.

@Symbeline Zombie Jesus has a hug for you :)

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@Hain_roo That is awesome! Sick Puppies just makes it better. (hug)

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Yes! Hugs are awesome! Any kind….individual,side,full frontal,and group are some of my fav’s.

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@Hain_roo Sweet! I’d hug that guy.

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Without a helmet? ;-)

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@King_Pariah yeah, great song too {hug}

@Symbeline :P

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