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What are some of your favorite pranks?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8281points) February 1st, 2009

Senior pranks, college pranks, April Fool’s jokes, whatever. What are some of the funniest, meanest, most effective pranks? What was your senior prank? What pranks have you pulled, and what pranks have been pulled on you?

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When I enter a door at a business such as a mall, or a restaurant, I slam the door into my foot and react by grabbing my head and going, “Ow!”
I love to watch how people react. One of these days I’ll bring a ketchup packet with me and really put on a show.

My wife hates when I do this, which is all the time. My 9 year old loves it.

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Remember the sack of dog feces, lit on fire, on someone’s front porch and then ringing the doorbell prank? Yeah, did that and enjoyed it.

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When I was a freshman in high school, the seniors let two dozen white mice loose in the school for their senior prank. I was in biology class when a girl who’d been out at the bathroom came running back in, in a complete panic. “THERE ARE LITTLE WHITE RATS RUNNING AROUND OUT THERE!” The teacher looked bored. “There’ve always been little white rats running around this place,” he muttered.

Nobody really cared for him too much.

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There was this girl at my school, Her name is Bianca and she was really hot, but her father said she wasn’t allowed to date until her sister did. Only, her sister is a total loser, and no one would ever dater her. (Plus she kind of looks like Julia Stiles, but younger. Weird) so I bribed this kid that everyone is scared of to get her to go on a date with him. If he could do it, I would be able to date her smokin’ sister. It was a pretty good prank, but I think that freak actually fell for the loser. Whatever, prom is tonight and Bianca will be all mine.

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@shockvalue…. lol. And did the older sister happen to hate, oh say, 10 things about the loser?

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Haha, I see the infamy of my prank has spread across the land. Yes, there were ten things she hated about him, but in honesty she was just a shrew. I’m sure she could be tamed.

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Whenever my dad makes a sudden movement in public i shudder and maybe yelp if i can get away with it. :)

@shockvalue wasnt that a movie??

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The “nerds” of the graduating class a few years before mine in high school disassembled and then reassembled a Volkswagen Bug and hung it above the swimming pool. I don’t know how they did it both in getting it inside the school, and then finding the works to hang it where they did, but more power to ‘em.

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just dissasembling it enough to fit the frame through the doors… maybe through a bay door? or the gym?

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I prank called a HUGE Obama supporter (they didnt answer so we left a message) and asked them if there fridge was running, and if it was Obama was going to beat it in the 08 election

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@Kiev749 – I think they disassembled it outside and brought it in piece by piece. But the whole operation – whew! – I’m sure that took a lot of planning. I wish the picture was online. I saw it in the their yearbook, but it wasn’t my class, so I don’t have it.

In my senior year, a guy just flooded the principal’s office. That wasn’t a funny prank, that was just stupid.

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tie your friends door shut and then blow a bunch of smoke under it and yell “fire”... instant hilarity…

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@aisyna you’re an asshole…

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Another one we did in high school,
My school was seperated into different buildings and so, one night we took the lock off the gate, which was 3 years ago (Lock STILL broken) and pulled out the handrail and knocked the center door pole and drove in a friends VW beattle, into the office. smack dab between all the secretary’s desks at 1 am. the day of finals. Apparently the Principle tried to open the car door and the alarm started to go off, but the keys were locked inside!!! After we were dismissed 10 of us had to remove the car and push it out of the office. it was great.

Not anywhere near as good as building one and hanging it… but it worked for us just fine.

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@Kiev749 awesome! another one we pulled was super-gluing dimes over all the door locks which will make the Buffalo Bill janitor want to wear your skin..

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Did I already tell you guys about this one? [scratches head]

My old roommate announced that she was going to go on a diet.
Our other roommate and I just laughed when she told us.
We didn’t think she was serious—she was NOT fat.
But the crazy girl was actually serious.

The next day I plotted and schemed.
Went down to the drug store and bought:
• 3 bags of Hershey Miniatures
• 2 balls of string
• 1 roll of tape

While she was attending her lab in the afternoon,
I was busy hanging all of these Hershey Miniatures
from the ceiling of our tiny dorm room.

I’d hung them at varying heights as well.
So it was impossible to go anywhere
without bumping into a piece of chocolate.

It looked like a Hershey Miniature explosion in our room.

When she opened the door, there was a slight pause before:
[Nimis!] I am going to KILL you!

I peer over the side of my bunk with an innocent face.
What? How do you know it was me?

This cracks a smile on her face and
a moment later we’re both laughing hysterically.

Then she pulls off the nearest Hershey Miniature, peels it open,
and plops it in her mouth in a grand gesture of defeat.

Our room was very popular for the next few days.

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@Nimis that is epically funny!!

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Hahaha! Nimis, you win! I concede.

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Though my most favouritest prank EVER wasn’t one that I pulled.
It was actually pulled on my SO’s old co-worker.

While he was an undergrad at Harvard, all of his friends
would love to play these elaborate jokes on each other.
Man, even their pranks are smart.

While he was out drinking one night, a bunch of his friends actually DRY-WALLED over the door to his dorm room. They even went so far as to get matching paint to paint over it. To say he was confused when he got back would have been a gross understatement.

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@Nimis you are my new hero. Anyone with that much energy to prank deserves much lurve.

My best prank was a pretty elaborate affair. My wife and I convinced her younger brother that she was pregnant (she cannot bear kids due to medical difficulties) and when we finally let him in on the joke, he was pissed for weeks. It was all part of a planned Halloween display, and he saw certain items we were storing in the house and incorrectly assumed that we were going to be parents. He really wanted to be an uncle, so it was easy to trick him. We had him convinced for almost six months. The fact that everybody else in the family was in on it might be the reason he was so mad. My simpler pranks include: giving people presents with holes cut into the box to make them think there is something alive in it and reaching across the table to ‘bump’ it when they atart to open it, tying an inflatable swimming pool shark over the bed so when my wife got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom she bumped her head on it. Her scream was worth the trouble of setting it up without her knowledge, handing out gag lottery tickets, and my favorite Halloween prank was setting up a huge dummy that looked like a chef complete with apron, knife, and a fierce mask, then putting my 14 yr old nephew under the table with his head thru a hole in it, a bloody plate around his neck (complete with other tableware with severed limbs) so that he looked like a severed head, and then when people came up to trick or treat, they thought the dummy chef was real until the head on the plate started talking to them. Scared the bejeebers out of plenty of people that night.

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The seniors 2 classes before me moved the principal’s entire office to the roof above the front door of the school. They even somehow built a wall behind the desk and hung all his framed stuff on it. My brother’s graduating class filled the elevator with bouncy balls (those tiny rubber ones) and somehow made it get stuck so the alarm went off. The janitor opened it and the hall and foyer became a madhouse!

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For april fools day I photoshoped my friends head on a picture of a guy wearing a dress and put his actual phone number on it and made about 100 copies which I then hung all over our dorm. The shitty thing is the Hall Director flipped the fuck out and was looking for who did it, but luckily everyone on our floor were friends so no one ratted me out haha

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When I put oil on my kitchen floor when I was young. Bri_L and Judochop make it a PM He tripped on it. I got in serious trouble because it very well could have broken a bone, but the funniest part is that he fell again trying to get back up.

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@madcapper im the asshole, the pranks you did were way worse than mine

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Haha dude I was just joking….

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@madcapper- sorry its hard to tell when people are being sarcastic on the internet

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@aisyna no need to be sorry I understand completely

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@aisyna—Don’t believe it for a second. He’s being sarcastic again. ;)

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ooooo you never know do you…

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dammit, now i dont know which is sarcasm and which isnt

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Mine is an old standard but still always fun…I always used to put a rubberband on the little sprayer on top of the sink in my house. If your house has one, try this. Whoever turns on the water will get sprayed. When I was a kid we did two versions of the old knock and run gag, one was of course the bag of sh*t on fire, the other was putting a smoke bomb between the glass door and the house door. When they open the door a cloud of smoke gets in.

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We had a huge roll of shrink wrap left over from moving. My daughter and her friends have shrink wrapped the same car (a friends) at least 3 times this year. It doesn’t hurt the car and it is funny to watch their friend’s reaction each time. We still have more wrap left. So they may have to hit that car a few more times.

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