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Betting strategies while playing craps?

Asked by Dr_C (14334points) September 8th, 2009

My fiancee and I are going to a wedding in Vegas this weekend. I’ve never played craps before and have done some online research about betting the pass line etc. I’d like some real world experiences and any advice that might help make this a positive (and hopefully lucrative) experience.

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First, be aware that the odds always favor the house. With that in mind, there are various strategies that can be found on the internet sites that specialize in teaching the basics. The casinos even have classes to help you.

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That’s pretty much it. There is no strategy for winning in a casino. The strategy is to have some fun while not losing your shirt. The problem is that you’re playing with real money. To make it last, keep the bets small, take in the floor shows, and remember that everything you see in Vegas is a sham.

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Both great answers.. but i was looking for specific strategies… i found some websites and was hoping for som insight as to which are worth reading and which are bogus. Thanx guys.

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Send all your betting money to me. I will send half of it back.
You will be ahead of the game.

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Never bet the Field, the Big 6, or Big 8. There are other bets that do all what those bets do, and with better odds. Instead of Big 6 or Big 8, do a Buy 6, or Place 6, etc. That’s a better deal. It pays more for your bet. (When Buying 6 or Placing 6, you must tell the dealer. He will then put your money above the number you are betting on.)

Also, whenever betting the Pass or Come, be sure to lay or place odds. By doing that, you are reducing the House Edge to less than 1% on that particular bet. Each casino runs these Odds bets a little bit differently. None of them run it by how craps books explain it.
Some of these casinos, you must bet in certain increments to get your odds paid back efficiently. Other casinos pay you exact small change. I always start out making small bets and asking the dealer for reminders and advice and odds bet information.

Craps is a hard game to manage and the dealers make mistakes often, equally in favor of you and against you.

So pay close attention and if you absolutely know you are right about something, just be honest with the dealer, so he can reverse himself if he accidentally treats a win as a loss.

Do not play craps at casinos with crapless craps. That game is a gimmick, and the odds are worse.

Money management is the only way, in the end, to win at craps. That is what the professionals do. You’ve heard it plenty times, set a limit. A maximum loss to quit at, and a maximum gain, to quit at. And do that, set a daily limit. Do not go one bet beyond it. Not one bet. As soon as the threshold is reached, time to quit gambling for the whole day.

Unless you’re great at math and card counting for Blackjack… then craps is the best bet in the casino.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Since the odds are tipped toward the house, betting against the shooter might produce you more wins than losses.

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@Hypocrisy_Central , there is a flaw with your statement. First we need to differentiate between Real odds, and Game odds, just for clarity. The Real odds are tipped toward the house, even when one bets against the shooter and with the House.

There is a statistically insignificant trivial advantage to betting with the House, and against the Shooter. But those miniscule real odds are overcome by the fact that those who bet with the shooter, are then allowed to place game odds on their bet. Depending on the number rolled, those game odds will be either 2 to 1, 3 to 2 , or 6 to 5. That means if you place a 1 dollar bet on game odds of the dice number 10… and roll a 10…. you will be paid back 3 dollars for your 2-dollar risk (the original passline bet plus the odds bet).

If you bet against the shooter/with the House, you cannot do this, because the opposite occurs. If you put game odds on the dice number 10, and a 10 is rolled, you of course lose, but if a 7 is rolled, you win, but you only will get paid back $1.50 total for your original $2.00 bet.

The prevalence of rolling a 7 on a come-out roll vs. a passline roll comes into play too. It’s obviously quite complicated.

But there is no true advantage to going against the dice shooter, or for the dice shooter.

Sometimes I like to go against the dice shooter just because I love having come bets pile up and then winning all of them when a 7 eventually occurs. But that’s emotional decision making, not logical or illogical.

I don’t mean to dis your comment, i just really like craps.

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