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Do you think more people are filing their own taxes this year?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) February 5th, 2012

As opposed to using a tax service.

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My taxes are kind’a complicated, so I use a tax service. Plus, just in case I am audited, I want someone with a suit and tie by my side who can answer the questions.

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I am not sure why you would think so.

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I always did our taxes, but last year we went to an accountant because our situation became more complicated. We will be using the accountant again this year.

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I have used the free Turbo Tax for the last three years. Absolutely no problems and they located refunds for me, that I never thought of. The refund money was deposited into my checking account and I highly recommend using Turbo Tax.

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I used Turbo Tax, but ran into problems with respect to capital gains. I probably did something wrong, but the government figured my taxable income based on the selling price without subtracting the purchase price. I gave up and hired an accountant.

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I did my own taxes since I started working at 16. I have also done other peoples taxes for them in the past.
Several years ago I started using an accountant because they got more complicated and I just did not have the time to do it and keep up to date on all the changes.
It is a much better feeling and use of my time to just have someone do it. I keep good records and just bring everything in and spend an hour or two.
The peace of mind is great to have a professional behind it as well.

The market reflects this in that organizations are now offering free returns for those who have more simple financial returns.

To answer your original question, I think it is about the same amount of people filing their own because in general there are not that many changes in the tax law this year to last.

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I’m a faithful H&R Blocker myself. Yes, my taxes are moderately complicated too. It’s worth it to me to save the headaches. In & out…fast, easy, but not painless. lol

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The computer tax programs make it much easier, more accurate and cheaper, so I would say yes.

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We go to H&R Block. Our taxes are pretty complicated and involve multiple states, so letting someone else take care of all of it is the best thing for us. We actually already have ours done for this year, and now we’re just waiting for our returns.

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