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Can I apply to medical school with marks from a one-year degree?

Asked by MissRosie81 (251points) February 5th, 2012


I am considering applying to medical school in the next 1–2 years. I have a full 4 year bachelor’s degree, and also an additional 1 year bachelor’s degree. I obtained very high marks in my recent 1 year program (higher than my first degree).

Can I opt to use the marks from my 1 year degree for my medical school application? Or would they be looking at my transcript as a whole? They are both separate degrees, which is why I am unsure.

Thanks for your help! I’m sure this probably all depends on the medical school, but I was just wondering if anyone had ever been in a similar application position. :)

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I would think that they’d look at all your marks as a whole but there’s no harm in submitting it with a fabulous letter as to why they should accept you. The worst thing you’ll get in return is “declined”.

Nothing ventured; nothing gained.

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Whast is a one-year bachelor’s degree? In what concentration and from what institute?

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They will ask for all of your transcripts.

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Is there such thing as a one year bachelor’s degree?

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Yeah – what is that?

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If you mean you went to a post-baccalaureate program (to pick up additional sciences to improve your chances of being accepted to medical school) – yes, the medical school admissions board will pay a bit more attention to your post-baccalaureate program grades (esp. if they were courses such as biochem, chem and other studies directly related to a pre-med education). They will also look at your other undergraduate degree and grades.
If there is a significant difference between the two (for example, your original B.A. you had only a 3.1, and your post-bac certificate you got a 4.0) expect to explain the difference in your performance in interviews with schools. They will no doubt ask whether you failed to apply yourself in your original 4 year program or not.

Bear in mind that to admissions, usually, GPA (for either your original degree or the one year program) are less important than:
1) life experience (if you’ve spent years working as an EMT or nurse for example, this will be a strong positive)
2) Your MCAT scores

Right now entry into (good) medical schools is as tough as it’s ever been—so what will differentiate you as a candidate will be something unique (life experience, past work history,multilingual in 2 or more languages) or something that shows you are a strong student (and grades in a one-year post-baccalaureate program don’t mean strong student..unless that program was an extremely challenging program such as the one at Univ. of Chicago or another highly competitive school.)

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Any medical school worth attending will require you to submit all of your transcripts. If you send only your post-baccalaureate records, they will know that they are missing something and will consider your application to be incomplete.

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