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Are there any mysteries in your past?

Asked by Mariah (24638points) February 5th, 2012

Inspired by @nikipedia’s question about spiritual experiences.

Anything ever happen to you that you can’t explain?
Or maybe a memory you’re not sure is real?
Do tell.

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Things just keep mysteriously disappearing. Socks, erasers, nail clippers, tissues, all kinds of shit just gets sucked into an unknown vortex, only to reappear in another dimension!

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I had two MAC lip glosses that somehow disappeared into the forth dimension. I didn’t drop them they just disappeared.

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@tranquilsea and @Michael_Huntington, I think the same monster is eating your stuff!

Here’s mine:

Age 17 I went two months without eating; I was on IV nutrition. All day I carried around a little backpack with a 2 liter bag of fluid that was my sustenance for the day. By evening it would be empty and my parents and I would go through a short process to hook up a fresh one.

At one point a nurse told me it was dangerous to let it empty completely because it could cause a sudden drop in blood sugar (or something like that). She told me to drink some orange juice if I started to feel light-headed or otherwise bad.

I have this foggy memory of lying in bed one evening and suddenly feeling terribly weak. Last thing I remember is trying to say “orange juice” but it only came out in a quiet wheeze as everything went black. Next thing I know I’m waking up sputtering and gasping and totally freaked out. To this day I have no idea if anything medical actually happened to me or if I was asleep and dreaming. I can’t remember what I was doing beforehand so I’m inclined to think I was dreaming, but I just don’t know. It bothers me sometimes!

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I was a sick kid, lots of fevers. I had dreams vivid enough of wandering around my house and out into the street that I don’t dismiss claims of astral projection.

I literally would wander into and around my house in my dreams in a manner so vivid that when I woke I knew where objects were out of place in my home.

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That would be telling.

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@Mariah It’s not a monster, it’s obviously the Borrowers.

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Hi Rachel. You okay? It was just a dream. Your subconscious mind played a trick on you, since the nurse had discussed this with you earlier and it went to bed with you.

You will be fine. jp

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Not sure this qualifies as a mystery or a potential phenomenon, haha…but… my mother and grandmother both died on Jan, 25. Years apart, but, I wonder if I will die on Jan. 25. Obviously I just made it through this year. lol

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There are unanswered questions. Not sure if that is the same as a mystery. Was my grandmother the lover of a famous writer, or was only skinny dipping involved? What’s really going on with my brother? What would have happened if….

Many mysteries, I think. Unanswerable.

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At the age of six (or seven) I was in my grandparents front room and as I heard my grandma ask if I would like some ice cream I heard a train heading toward my head and I passed out.. The next thing I knew I was in another town in the back of a bus with my aunt and uncle, looking out the window and seeing what I thought was a horse (but was actually the greyhound bus dog logo) my aunt thought I was a bit loco (not connecting the two) and from that time on my memory returned.. I don’t know how long it was but my mother told me years later that I had turned blue and was rushed to the hospital where my mom (who came along as well) heard them say that I was gone but one of them frantically brought me back, twice.. Meanwhile as we reached the ER, I was whisked in and looked over immediately.. I guess I was too young because as I passed out at home, I had absolutely no memory of what was occurring to me during any of this time.. My mom said I was in the hospital for two days and had visited my aunt and uncle about four days later and returned back home one the fifth day.. Eight days (counting the evening it happened) with no memory yet she said I seemed to be aware on the day of my release. (shiver!).

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I don’t have any particularly bizarre mysteries in my family, and none that I can think of that have really affected me, but there are a couple unexplained things.

The first mystery is that of my uncle. He has schizophrenia and currently lives in a mental institution. When he was 15, he was hit by a car while on his bike. He was never the same after that accident. He started doing drugs, he started disappearing for large amounts of time and then reappearing, and he never got his life together. I really think there is a lot more to the story than my mom’s family ever found out and I haven’t inquired much about it myself. He wasn’t actually diagnosed with schizophrenia until he was about 40, but he had long since declined before then. I just want to know what and how it happened. I haven’t seen him in 10 years. My mom never communicates with him, nor does my aunt, and my grandmother is dead and my grandfather has nothing to do with it. It’s like everybody pretends he doesn’t exist. My grandmother was really the only one who paid him any attention, but once she developed Alzheimer’s, that stopped.

Another mystery, and a bit more light-hearted one, is that brother lost his favorite stuffed bear on September 7, 1998 (yes, we remember it to the date). Of course kids lose things sometimes, but what makes this so bizarre is that we both remember the last place we saw the bear was on the kitchen counter above the dishwasher. The next morning was the day we had decided was the bear’s birthday, so of course we wanted to find him. We never did. 13 years later, the bear has never been found. We have thoroughly cleaned out our house, thoroughly gone through the garage and attic storage space, gone through tons of boxes, since then, and no luck. What makes it odd is the fact that it was last seen in the house, it’s not as if he lost it while at Disneyland or something. It just…vanished. The only possible explanation I can think of is that it went out with the garbage, but really that makes no sense as I have no way of explaining how it would’ve gotten into the garbage and how no one would’ve seen it.

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@DominicX My story is very very similar.

When I was little, I think it was first grade, maybe second, I had this little stuffed raccoon called Ricky the Raccoon. I got him at a gift shop in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan one year we were camping. He was my favorite stuffed animal and slept in my bed with me every night. I was very very attached to him.

One night I was going to bed, I set him in the corner of my bed, pulled the string of my light switch and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and he was gone. Just gone. I looked through all my blankets, in the corner I left him, under the bed, even all over the room. How could he just disappear!? It makes no sense and it bothers the crap out me to this day. We cleaned our house up and down. Went through every box. He never turned up. We didn’t have like a pet or something that could take off with it either. IT WAS THERE, and then it just wasn’t.

I, of course, had a mental breakdown from losing my best pal. There was a lot of crying. ):

Things like this make me wonder if we’re really living in the matrix or something.

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Yes. I’m not prepared to go into details but I’ll give a summary:
Having memories of a past-life, and telling no-one about it. Later meeting someone who corroborated fine details in those memories that I’d never told anyone.

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I once found my mom’s journal from the first few days of before my birth and the following year. There is a section where she wrote in big, scrawled handwriting “OH MY GOD WHAT DID HE DO TO MY BABY HE ALMOST KILLED HIM IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM I CANT BELIEVE MY BABY…” and the rest was completely illegible. The journal ended after that. I don’t have any idea what apparently happened to me.

I also don’t know the circumstances of my parents’ divorce. Nobody in my family will give me a straight answer.

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I’ve lost two beloved items in circumstances similar to @DominicX and @xnightflowerx. One, my favorite stuffed animal disappeared from my pillow at camp, and the other, my favorite sweater, disappeared in my friend’s apartment. Since other people were around in both instances, I always chalked it up to theft. Still pisses me off, though, and I still miss both of them!

The more interesting mystery is the large blocks of time I’ve lost from my childhood. Yes, it was a traumatic childhood, but I’ve lost all sorts of innocuous memories, too, apparently. Several people have come up to me after accidental meetings when I was a teenager or adult, and they’d tell me all about how we were great friends, or did this or that together in elementary school, but I have absolutely no recognition of them or the events. I just kind of nod along and pretend I know what they’re talking about. :/

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My mother died when I was a young child. I had a younger sibling though. When my father remarried a couple of years later, I was at my Aunt’s house. I wasn’t at the wedding. I have no idea why. I didn’t even know they were getting married. I remember them arriving at my Aunt’s house and telling me they got married. I asked my Aunt why I wasn’t there when I saw her recently, but she couldn’t remember and my father is dead and my step-mother, well I wouldn’t ask her. Always wondered… why wasn’t I at the wedding? Perhaps I was a brat?

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My sister died in her 40’s of mysterious causes, and there was reason to suspect that my brother was involved. She left notes in her journal about thinking he was involved in a crime (we later found out that he was) and that she was going to confront him about it. He was the one who discovered her body (weird that he just happened to stop by her apartment that morning). As soon as the coroner removed her body, my brother began going through her stuff. My sister and I were in shock, and he was calmly removing her CD collection, and asked if he could have her Mustang. We found out later that he drove it straight to the carwash, and then to the auto stereo store to have a new sound system installed. We’ve never solved this one, and my brother committed suicide the following year – so the answers have gone to the grave. I wish that I knew what happened, and hopefully he’d be exonerated…but a lot of evidence points in his direction.

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@GoldieAV16 Does it bother you thinking that you’ll never find out?

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Yes, it does. But at the same time, knowing wouldn’t change anything; it wouldn’t bring anyone back. I’ve had to make my peace with it – but it will never entirely go away. In my mind he is neither innocent nor guilty…so it’s not an issue I’ve ever been able to lay to rest. It was a horrible, horrible time, and maybe not knowing is actually a kindness.

I don’t know.

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Like Shroedinger’s cat is neither alive nor dead. Your brother is both innocent and guilty. You will never open the door to see the impact of the decay of the uranium atom.

It can be amazing, in hindsight, that we survived horrible times. I like to think about what it has given me. God. I hope that doesn’t sound too Pollyannaish. But it helps me make lemonade, and I honestly do think I learned useful things from my horrible times. At the very least, I learned some skills I can use if they ever return.

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When I met my son’s father back in 1988, we stayed up all night talking like we had known each other for years already and have always had a level of comfort with each other that doesn’t exist with others. He turned out to be a total self-serving jerk, but… the weird part

I am from Alabama, but also grew up in Florida, on and around Belcher Road. I went to CB Elem. school—then to a school in St. Augustine. He grew up in Maryland, but his mom is from Minnesota. When we parted ways- he was still in Maryland and I was back in Alabama.

20 years later, without realizing it… we switched places. I work in Minnesota at his mom’s old school and live ½ mile away from his aunt. He moved to Florida, to the Belcher Road area, then his kids all went to CB Elementary and 2 of them went to the same school I attended in St. Augustine.

Also, I am a cheerleading coach and found some old pictures of cheerleaders from this school from about the 60’s- nobody recognized anyone in the photos. I printed them and put them up. Apparently, without knowing it, out of hundreds of photos to choose from, I put up my son’s grandmother’s pictures.

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Apparently one of my ancestors was a pirate. I’d really love to know if that’s true or not.
If I really have a pirate ancestor, he probably wasn’t a storybook pirate, but still, I so want that to be true.

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