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Google the first three letters of your first name. What is the first link that comes up?

Asked by AshlynM (10569points) February 8th, 2012

For me: The American Society of Hematology.

Let’s see how many interesting answers there are.

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Mine was a dictionary definition of the word those three letters spelt…

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I get Australia’s Number 1 racing and sports betting site.

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Disabled American Veterans

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…. an online dating site. That’s mildly disturbing.

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Match followed by math.

Not bad, actually.

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A VA gov. site which is cool, I was born there.

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first name:
Christmas Tree Shop

last name:
Pretty Little Liars

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Lucas Energy Incorporated

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Skin condition called Erythema.

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Alabama football.

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Nuclear Overhauser Effect. What.

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Wikipedia article on fruit preserves.

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@ucme you got a good one…

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Documentary Educational Resources

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An advertisement for a product that can be bought online at Walgreens

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Job Accommodation Network.

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I have a first name and a nickname.
The first gives me a fast foot restaurant.
The second shows me a website for an animated comedy show.

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The SIMS game portal website.

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NYSE results for Ann Taylor Inc

fun question!

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Lebanese American University

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Here’s the first image that came up.

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^add a NSFW tag, @6rant6

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The Jazz Education Network

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Wikipedia’s disambiguation (?) page for the word hen. There are Animals (duh), Places and Others :D

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Jack in the Box

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Karl Strauss Brewing Company

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My real name gave me the American Library Association website, that made me happy.
The ALA is pretty cool. My nickname gave me the Wikipedia definition for a type of poetry called Lai.

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For my real name, it leads me to news about a Brazilian super model named Gisele B√ľndchen.
Wow, that was exciting.

My username leads me to the Sympatico site lmao. Internet service provider in Canada.

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Being that the first three letters of my name are “mad,” I would have thought that the first link might be a definition of the word “mad” or something to that effect. I got this instead.

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Revised English Bible

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Ha! It’s a dictionary.

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Sunnyvale Library

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A website to book a vacation in Sydney, Austrailia. Figures.

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British Airways
Brick mansions
Britney Spears

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