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What would be something that you want to be remebered for after you die?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) May 21st, 2008 from iPhone

do you want to be remebered for being a good son? A great father/mother? For being an all star quarterback?

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I want to be remembered by those I love in two ways. One that I had a lot of faith in God. Two that I never disrespected my wife. I am not married yet, of course when I do get married.

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An old friend had a good axiom on his signature for his emails (not sure if it was totally original but it seems befitting of this question and my personality): “Remember me for laughter or don’t remember me at all.”

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I want to be remembered for giving and getting a whole lotta lurve.

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Being a friend to everyone I meet, so far so good.

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for being a good and devoted mother and for my love of animals and devotion to helping animals

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The person with most Lurve points ever!!

On a serious note though, I would have to say the one who brought the family together. I value my family and don’t take that time spent for granted.

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My libido.

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For always following my heart.

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I’d like people to swap stories about me and conclude that I really did do quite a lot – and sometimes got it right.

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I am going to be remembered as the first Australian woman in space.

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To be remembered as a loving and giving person with a warm smile is all I would ask for.

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Kindness and doing the small things with great love.

“Do small things with great love.”(Mother Theresa)

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I want to be remembered as someone who made others smile, who listened well and helped when I could, who planted some great trees.

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I want to be remembered as a great person who loved and helped everyone in his life…

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Good husband, good father and a good friend.

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I want to be remembered for being the oldest living human.

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As somebody who did people no harm, had good questions and reasonably good answers.
And got lost a lot, because my spatial memory and orientation suck…
And always knew of a good book to read…
And never hesitated to say ‘I am sorry’

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If you want to be remembered, write a good book or kill a lot of people.

Eventually everyone who knows you will be dead. Anyone who remembers you as being a good person will die and your memory will die with them.

I can be a little curt but it’s the honest truth. Besides, who cares who remembers you? You’ll be dead.

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i’d like my nephew to remember me for helping him to become a person of character and morality, how to relax and engage his imagination, and how to make rice pilaf without it sticking or burning.

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