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Scenes from a movie you remember recreating when you were a kid?

Asked by ucme (50021points) February 9th, 2012

Yes that’s it, you got that right.

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Goonies (“hey, you guuuuys!”)
Wizard of Oz (yellow brick road dance)

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Oh look, I just recreated the farting scene from Blazing Saddles, at least that’s the way it looks, not a soul to be seen…..tumbleweed!

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Yes like @Jude we did the Yellow Brick Road dance, also sang and danced to Chim-Chim-Cheree.

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Dirty Dancing!

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^^ Woof woof!! ;¬}

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The fight scenes from Terminator 2 and Rumble in the Bronx.

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Light sabers, light sabers, light sabers.

mmmmoooowwww mmmmooooowwww mmmmooooowwww

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My girlfriends and I would act out any scene from Princess Bride.

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My sister and I used to do a lot of plays from the Little Rascals shorts we saw on Saturday mornings. For almost an entire year after watching The Towering Inferno my oldest brother would burst into my room several times a day and shout “security guard anybody in here?!” It scared the crap out of me every single time.

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Tarzan movies. Climbing trees, pounding our chests and yelling. Tarzan meeting Jane. Our version of Tarzan talk which made us laugh uncontrollably. (We thought we were so funny.)

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Oh @Sunny2 we did the Tarzan thing too! I think I spent most of my summers in a tree. We had a neighbor kid who could do a perfect Tarzan call.

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I used to try and reenact the whole of Annie!

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Cheers all, good stuff.
@Leanne1986 I may do that tomorrow :¬)

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@ucme I see what you did there!!!

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We used to do all of the Lone Ranger stories, my younger brother was Tanto.

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