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Where can I report a real estate agent for unethical business practices?

Asked by AshlynM (10542points) February 9th, 2012

Let me explain my situation the best I can and hopefully you won’t get too confused. I really need some advice here and am hoping some of you can assist me.

Basically, the seller’s real estate agent, broker, whatever they’re called, is holding my earnest money deposit hostage and absolutely refuse to return it, even though I asked them repeatedly for it and to cancel the whole transaction.

First off: The seller’s agent and MY agent have both flat out lied to me about the condo being empty. The seller had a tenant he was renting to. Yes, it’s empty of the tenant, but not of his belongings. There are still a few things left in there, even now. So it’s not empty. They tell me, well you can just throw those things away if you want. That’s not the point. What if this guy tries to come back for the rest of his stuff? I don’t want to be responsible for any backlash from this guy.

Second: There were three conditions the seller had to meet before I would buy the property. None of these have been met. Plus, what really chaps my ass is I was told I wasn’t getting my EMD back due to non-performance on my end. What exactly is non-performance? That’s another annoying thing. They always give me vague, canned responses whenever I ask them something. I’ve done everything I was asked to, signing and returning documents when they wanted and returning all their phone calls.

Now I just want this whole thing to end, to cancel this transaction and get my EMD back. But these people are making things more complicated than they need to be. No one is taking responsibility for their actions and always pointing the blame on someone else.

It’s not even really about getting the deposit back, it’s the principle of the situation and being honest and looking out for someone’s best interest.

Sorry if this is too long but I’d like to know where I can report the seller’s agent for being dishonest.

Oh by the way, I already tried the attorney general’s office but no one is interested in helping me and they tell me I need to talk to the seller to get this resolved.

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I realize I can take her to small claims court, but I’d like to save that as a last resort. I’d like to everything possible first to get my EMD back before resorting to the courts.

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If you have a lawyer friend have them write a letter for you, on their official letterhead.

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Or go to local realtor board. Than put the “evil eye” on them. The realtors don’t like having their name run through the muck.

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NYS has a Division of Licensing Services which oversees 29 types of licensed professionals. One of their services is consumer services, including consumer complaints. Try searching your state with real estate agents to see what your state has available. That’s probably who would respond to your complaint.

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Contact the Realtors License Board of your local area, and hope they are both licensed Realtors, and also contact the National Association of Realtors and hope they were both members of that organition. You could also try the BBB

If you were dealing with unlicensed or unaffiliated realtors you might be out of luck, unless you can find a lawyer who is interested in pursuing fraud charges.

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What state are you in? Real Estate laws vary wildly by state. Was the money deposited into an escrow account?
First, your agent probably has a broker who owns the office. First find out who the broker is (You can find this out from your states real estate licensing board) and seek their help. Talk to both brokers, your agent’s broker and the selling agents broker. ( A written letter to them is even better as it provides documentation of your efforts.)
If you don’t get satisfaction, file a formal complaint against the Realtors and the brokers involved with the licensing board.
Not all agent are members of the National Association of Realtors. If they are, you may be able to also file a complaint with the local Realtors Association. They have a higher code of ethics than just a licensed real estate sales person.

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You would take your problem to the Board of Realtors for that area or city. Unethical practices like using vague loopholes in the law are very much frowned upon. make sure you give your complaint in writing, by registered mail. You will get some action right away.

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There are all kinds of unethical business practices and scandals. You can get more information from Internet.

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@AshlynM, this is an old question. Update????

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