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What is the difference between regular and greek yogurt?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) February 9th, 2012

On my health food reform, I decided Greek yogurt is very creamy. But what is the real difference? What makes it Greek?

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Greek yogurt has water strained out of it so that it’s thicker. You can make Greek yogurt of your own, it’s just a pain in the butt.

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Greek yoghurt tastes yummy (I have no idea why) and ordinary yoghurt does not.

Apparently, according to this website, it has something to do with the straining process.

The Greek relates to the process and use of natural ingredients rather than being produced in Greece. The makers of Greek yoghurt do follow traditional yoghurt making practices perfected in Greece (and surrounding areas I think).

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Lol @ “yoghurt”. I’m going to use that now.

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That’s a correct spelling @Blackberry. It is the British spelling.

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Greek yogurt has about twice the protein content of regular yogurt. It’s also usually not so sweet as regular yogurt is.

I bought Dannon Greek style yogurt once and found it too sweet, yet I find Fago or Chibani to be too sour. I have found that Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt, vanilla flavor to be perfect for my taste!

My nutritionist recommends Greek yogurt as a way to increase protein intake.

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Greek yogurt has the whey removed, which is mostly liquid so it’s thicker and denser with a hihger protein content.

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@Bellatrix I already spell criticise with an ‘s’. I’m pretty much British now.

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@Blackberry She probably also says blimey too.

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Then you have to add an h to your yoghurt too then! I cop shit every time I say yoghurt.

I say Yog urt… my family (all aussies) say Yo Gurt.

Cor blimey @Airondackwannabe… that’s a bit rich! [Actually, I can’t ever remember saying blimey… I have said much, much worse though. I swear like a trooper on occasions but no, I don’t bother with blimey].

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@Bellatrix You’re good peeps. You can say it or spell anyway you want.:)

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Awww sending you a big hug Mr @Adirondackwannabe.

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