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How much trolling and flame baiting will Fluther put up with before they ban a member?

Asked by chyna (40002points) February 10th, 2012

Apparently a member has gone into quite a few of my questions and is flame baiting, but still remains on Fluther. How many chances or how much flame baiting does a person have to do before they are banned?

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pardon me..but what is flame baiting?... The mods has a low tolerance on stuff like that so I suppose you should try to pm them and alert them to your problem.

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@Eggie : They know.
@chyna : Yeah, I’m curious, too. I’d love to know where the line is….this may be a gray area.

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@Eggie I’ve reported the incidents.

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It’s well over the line, but no individual moderator is allowed to ban someone unilaterally. As I am apparently the only one around at the moment, we may have to wait a few hours.

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@SavoirFaire Thank you. I appreciate your answer.

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I’m waiting with flame baited breath!

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Lulz, u guys’ll never banhammer me. Problem OP? :P

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I provoked it and now it’s messaging me. /facepalm

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Thank you for clearing that up @SavoirFaire. I appreciate it.

May I ask, is there a certain amount of flame-baiting allowed before someone is banned? Or is it more a group consensus type of decision?

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I’ve always been of the opinion that any out of control member should be kept under wraps, sheathed even.

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@ucme what? I always sheath my member… oh wait, wrong thread… lol

It’d be interesting to know where the line lies when being a troll or what not is just too much. I’m fairly certain several of us troll/bait every now and then, and I’d imagine if a regular member suddenly did an all out day of trolling that we’d at least ask that jelly what’s up with the sudden trolling.

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Seems you caught my drift @King_Pariah

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We generally like to warn people before we ban them. I wasn’t online all day, so a warning wasn’t sent until this evening. It takes a lot to be banned without warning.

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Apparently, way too much in the past 12–24 hrs from the looks of things :)

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What exactly is flame baiting? Where is the line drawn between a differing opinion, be it popular or not, an flame baiting? Just curious.

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@rooeytoo : In this case, someone went back and stalked a bunch of @chyna‘s old questions and misquoted a remark that @chyna had made on another Q to “see how she liked it.” There was no intention to answer the Qs, it was just to be tantrum-y.

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Well, that, to use one of my most hated expressions, sucks. It’s MIB! At least tell the person to go to their room!

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