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How long should I continue using neosporin on an open wound?

Asked by alabare (282points) May 22nd, 2008

Cut off the tip of my finger. I’m on day 5 and the healing seems to be happening, but should I maintain such a moist environment on the wound? ER docs were vague on long term care. Wondering if I should let it air out for any length of time or just keep up the neosporin as I have been.

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Does it look infected at all? That is, is it bright red, releasing yellowish pus, tender, warm to the touch? If not, you can probably safely lay off the neosporin for now. The skin is probably already reepithelialized (meaning covered in new skin), so you should be in good shape. Feel free to send me a private comment to discuss further, if you want.

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air it out for awhile, long enough to let the moisture escape being careful not to touch anything so it doesn’t get infected or re-opened. then put your bandage back on, you probably don’t need neosporin anymore.

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Call ER asap and ask for instructions. It is negligence to send you home without clear written advice for long-term care! Common practice-may be legally required. You will pay for the initial trip to Er. Someone will be able to retrieve the record of your visit and assist you. Be firm.

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Gailcalled is spot on there!

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