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Has anyone else noticed how cheaply the Barbie dolls are made today?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) February 10th, 2012

I remember them being made of rubber and not this cheap plastic.

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I was in the original Barbi clan back in the 60’s. That’s a shame…I guess these Modern plastic Barbis wouldn’t hold up under “Whitewater Barbi” conditions. Yep, I was the originator of White Water Barbi, used to send them off down the rapids with a string around their 17 inch waists. lol

My daughter who is now 24 had lots of vintage Barbi stuff, including the Barbi brothel. An inside joke about some of the vintage bedroom set ups.

” Mommy, what’s a brothal?” lol

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Yes, we have a box of the original Barbies and there is a huge difference.

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Look under their dresses, read the labels, and you will know why.

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No. But I have noticed that everything is made cheaply today.

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There are good Barbie’s available, but they cost much more @silky1 and you generally have to buy them directly from the Baribe website.

Yes, the quality of the dolls you buy in the toy departments of big box stores is poor. Many of the doll hands, arms and sometimes legs are made with a lightweigh plastic, not a rubberized plastic.

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One of the reasons store bought Barbies are getting more cheaply made, is that the average age of the kid who plays with them has dramatically dropped over the years. Kids used to play with Barbies as a doll toy up to about age 9 or 10. Now those same girls prefer the American Girls 18 inch dolls. Now the average playing age for Barbies is between 3 – 5.

If you’ve seen the average 3 year old play with a Barbie, you’d know why people would want them cheaper and not spend much time making them very durable. They get matted hair, weird dirty bits and the girls lose their clothes and don’t really care if they are naked. Why make them durable when you’re likely going to have to toss them out from ickiness in a year or two.

You can buy really nice barbies on the website. Those are for adults who play with them as they were originally intended—a little fashion model that you take excellent care of.

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