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What movement centered around studies of classics and belief in individual accomplishments (multiple choice)

Asked by likipie (1454points) February 10th, 2012

Yes it’s homework and I’ve already researched and can’t find the answer. Please help!!!

A: Rebirth of Medieval Ideology
B: Movement instilling that Church was all-powerful
C: Humanism
D: Empericism

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I’m pretty sure the answer is C: Humanism

Edit: Renaissance humanism to be exact.

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I would answer C.

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The trick here is to consider everything that you know about the keywords; if you can’t remember which one it is, you can at least eliminate the ones that it’s not. Sometimes that’s about the same thing, as far as test results go; otherwise, you can at least improve the odds of a guess.

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C. Which really should read Renaissance Humanism, to separate it from all the other humanistic movements.

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I also say C.

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The answer is C.
Humanism was a cultural movement during the Renaissance that stressed the power and importance of the individual and placed less emphasis on the divine. It also centered around the study of the classics such as the works of the Greeks and Romans.

I recently studied the Italian Renaissance.

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