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Where should I take my 6 year old daughter for the weekend?

Asked by lilakess (781points) February 11th, 2012

I’ve been thinking Monterey, but it’s a bit pricey. That being said, I’m willing to pay for something really nice. I’ll also like to go somewhere that’s not too much about kids, but it okay with them, and has a nice spa. :)

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There are some less expensive places in Monterey, and the aquarium is worth the trip and is a full day. Some times they have good deals at the Doubletree, and you can take the free shuttle around town. To save a bit, stay away from Carmel. If you can take bikes, the bike path along Cannery Row and out to Pacific Point is not too hard for a six year old.

And don’t forget Dennis the Menace park, kids love it.

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Ask her where she wants to go. We took care of my s/o’s niece and nephew for a weekend when they were that age. We took them to an amusement park, go karts, pizza place, mini golf, and the NYS Farmers Museum, a replica of an 1850 villlage and farm, with animals, period dressed guides etc. What did they like the best? Farmers Museum.

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Where are you traveling from?
In any case I would recommend discussing it with your daughter. Sometimes parents have exotic ideas whereas kids would be happy with a humble quiet weekend home with mom or dad and a take-out pizza.

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Maybe Santa Cruz – there’s the boardwalk and a few interesting places to check out.

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