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What do you do when you are feeling punchy?

Asked by tranquilsea (17756points) February 12th, 2012

I think I’ve been a terror to my kids today as I am sick and, strangely, feeling very punchy.

What do you do when you feel like this?


Silly in a manic sort of way, as in the frame of mind induced by too little sleep and too much caffeine.

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Well you need to have peace inside yourself. One way to obtain this while staying awake is to, “Bake.”

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Punch things.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’m pretty sure my family wouldn’t appreciate that lol

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@tranquilsea When’s the last time you, “Baked.” ?

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@auhsojsa I bake bread regularly.

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@tranquilsea No no no, when’s the last time you “baked, baked” you know? To get rid of all that stress and jumpy inside. The “bake” that loosens you up.

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@auhsojsa sorry I’m just not getting what your aiming at.

I’m hauling my sick bum to bed and give my kids a break.

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when i’m mega stressed out or feeling jumpy inside i go here

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After the kids are in bed, take a hot soaking bath (with bubbles if you like them.) Have something warm to drink, alcohol if you drink; decaf tea or milk, if not. Go to bed.

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Usually I ask Punchy when she is gonna feel me back.

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I flirt with the women I know who could kick my ass. Its fun and they get a kick out of the banter.

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Have a bath. Listen to music and dance around.

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I tend to just go with it, acting like a silly ass fool. The kids are ok with it, until I start laughing hysterically. Then they get worried. :p

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I say either go ahead and act a little crazy, or fake it to you make it. I had a girlfriend who used to purposely act a little nuts around her kids every so often so she was a little unpredictable to them. Kind of to keep them in line more then anything, but sometimes it gave them a burst of fun they did not expect, depending on her specific mood and if they were behaving. The latter part of my first sentence is basically saying you can act however you want outwardly. If you had to be in front of people at a job you would pull it together, smile, and behave as demanded. In the end you have control most of the time to present yourself however you want.

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Go for a walk on my permission with the air rifle and take it out on the rabbits.

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Wait…I’ve always thought that “punchy” meant a little out of it, like, you’ve drank some spiked punch. I never thought of it in terms of wanting to punch someone. Hmmmm.

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When I’m feeling punchy my kids and hubby have a good laugh because I switch into high gear with quick wit and repartee. All in good fun and no one gets hurt.

Today I’m just feeling sick.

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@tranquilsea Hope you’re feeling better soon. <3

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Just go with the flow. Most of the people around me don’t mind, and all my friends and acquaintances are all crazy bastards anyways.

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Yur always punchy @Symbeline!

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can’t argue that…

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Thanks @augustlan. I have a splitting headache today and I have to deal with a 14 year old daughter who decided to nuclear on me last night. She was being unbelievably rude to everyone so I seized her iPod. She then grabbed the phone to call the cops on me lol. How do you survive the teenage years????

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Oh @tranquilsea ((((((Be Strong & Healthy))))) my thoughts are sent your way.

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@SpatzieLover thanks. She is my child that doesn’t cause a ruckus very often. But when she does….watch out. Before she grabbed the phone to call the cops on me she went into my bedroom and pillaged it for all it’s worth. Thankfully I can laugh at it this morning but last night took every fiber of my being to not do something drastic to her.

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The cops? That’s hilarious. I have no good advice for you, since I’m in the midst of surviving those years myself. Just remember to breathe, and not beat them to death. Kidding!

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@augustlan can you imagine what that phone call would have sounded like if she had placed it?

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