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What's the difference between an oil change and a tune up at the auto shop?

Asked by thetypicalusername (199points) May 22nd, 2008
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A tune-up includes replacing the spark plugs (and wires if needed), checking and replacing belts if necessary, adjusting the timing, replacing the fuel filter and the PVC in addition to all that is done for an oil change.

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An oil change is not included in a basic tune up.

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Oh okay. Thank you :) I just bought a new vehicle from a private party. Would you recommend that I have a tune up or an oil change?

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You did have your own mechanic check it over before buying, didn’t you? If not and the three days haven’t passed, I would do that.

Did the previous owner give you copies of service records?

Is there a sticker on the windshield showing when the next oil change is due?

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