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Future of Literacy Speakers?

Asked by shared3 (921points) May 22nd, 2008

My school is planning a symposium on “The future of literacy”. I was wondering if anyone on fluther had any suggestions on possible speakers?

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LeVar Burton, David Baldacci, Curtis Aikens, Nelson Lauver (he learned to read at age 29) are literacy advocates who speak for the cause. There are lots of other literacy advocates too. Google literacy advocate speakers. Check speakers bureaus. Look for people who live in your area. You did not say whether a fee was possible.

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Thanks for the quick answer Marina!

Things are up in the air for the moment,so I am unsure of the possibility of a fee. Most likely there will be little paid compensation for speaking, though a modest speaking fee may be possible.

I forgot to mention that my school is a high school, so we don’t have a large endowment or anything to draw from. Also, I would like to add that our high school is in California.

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The good news about your CA location, shared3, is it would not be far for a celebrity speaker who is a literacy advocate to come. Also, since it is a high school, the speaker might be willing to waive the fee. I personally am thrilled to think this is being discussed at high schools.

Another way to go might be to see if you could get someone from Microsoft or Amazon (Kindle). Here is an article on Microsoft’s technology. They could discuss what reading might be like in the future or the impact of technology on literacy.

Good luck.

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Why don’t you check out the faculty of the nearest universities/colleges, to see what they are publishing, and ask one of them?

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Great answers guys!

Does anyone think that Robert Scoble would be a good choice?

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Oh, yeah! Good choice. Go for it.

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More snobbery.

More telling you how to think.

More revisionist history.


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