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Crumple or fold?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) May 22nd, 2008
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hahaha, i was having the exact conversation with a few friends, they turned from fold to cumple, i did the other way around, haha

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I am a happy crumpler.

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It’s all about the messy fold. No lining up of corners is necessary, but a crumple just doesn’t do the job.

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It’s all about water, ions and background music.

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When all you’ve got is a small amount to last for many days you’ll quickly learn that there is nothing better than folding. I know this from direct experience when I had to adapt and make the change from crumpler to folder. I emerged as a beautiful butterfly…

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@cygnetswan Messy fold FTW! Like you said crumple sucks but im not trying to take 8 hours takin a poo so i half ass it.

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i crumple it up then i dunk it in the water then i wipe.

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@buster – you dip it in THE WATER?! THE TOILET WATER?! WIT YO POOPZ IN IT?!
oh no.

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Oh my god..ezra your answer made me laugh so hard…

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Fold :-)

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