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Do you always remember to replace the toilet paper?

Asked by casheroo (18106points) March 21st, 2009

When you use the last of the toilet paper, do you remember to replace it with a new roll?

I’m guilty of always forgetting. :(

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Most of the time I remember. My husband? Never.

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Always, because it will probably be ME who goes next. And there’s ALWAYS a spare in the bathroom.

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Yes, I do. I put an extra roll close at hand before the roll’s empty.

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I always replace it, whether I’m the one who used the last of it or not.
I tried to tell my kids they need to replace it if they use the last of it, but now they leave the one square on the roll. You know, the one that’s actually stuck to the roll.

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Most of the time I remember. My wife? Never.

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The other problem I have is the full bar of soap in the shower. Nothing worse then getting in the shower and not finding a bar of soap.

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@cprevite Should we switch? : D

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@Mr_M Switch to liquid soap, it’s so much better. I got my husband to switch…bars of soap freak me out.

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Then I’ll find the bottle of soap would be empty most of the time and not replaced. Or missing altogether! :)

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I’m the Mom so I always replace the toilet paper, the paper towels, the milk, the soap, the shampoo, the toothpaste, the bread, and basically everything that runs out around our house.

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Yes I always replace the tp – and the other mentioned items on this thread. I have to do it, because the rest of my family believes there is some magic fairy that flys in and replaces the items.

One night I heard my husband actually say, “Oh, there is toilet paper in here!” It was like it was magic to him – the drawer refills itself! Woohoo! I love the man…I really do, but geez!

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No, I always forget to do it, and get punished by the lady queen of the house ;)

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Always replace the TP, I use shower gel, bar soap has way too many germs. Hand soap I started using foam soap, what can I say I’m a kid at heart.

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@cak – Ah, yes! My son believes with all his heart in the sock fairy. My husband believes in the toilet paper fairy. Both of them believe in the magical being that unplugs the toilet mysteriously after they have plugged it up and vanished so they won’t be blamed.

It seems to be mostly a guy thing. Girls seem to grow out of it.

My daughter, while she doesn’t replace things any better, seems to understand that I do these things because she will leave me notes telling me we are out of something, but (she has her own car and money!) will never replace it herself.

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No and no! I keep a stack of new ones right below where it goes, though, so there is always paper at hand.

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I always keep extra rolls of toilet paper in both bathrooms in the house and I do replace them right when they run out, each and every time. And, most importantly, the end of the toilet paper roll must roll over the top, all the time, and never underneath where you have to go searching for it.

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YES! It’s so annoying to go in and there’s none there. Or worse, it’s sitting on top of the old, empty roll… Come on!

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I’ve always wanted to do this.

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I’m very good at these things. I’ll actually remember to bring one along next time, if I’ve seen it running low. And keep the bag of new rolls in the toilet anyway.

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I keep a stash in the bathroom at all times but I get lazy and don’t replace it on the roll. I just put the new roll under the wall mount and on the floor for access.

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I have forgotten before.

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