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What do you think kids born in 2000 will do with their Facebook friends when they get older?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 18th, 2012

My sister is a 2000 baby. We’re friends on FaceBook and it’s just so weird to see her interact on public domain. It’s obviously not weird for her. But I mean looking at her friends list, this question struck my mind. I wondered how drastically will it change. Or if she would only continue to add friends. She’s got friends from elementary as do I but I know the ratio for her has got to be higher.

Do you think Facebook for young kids is a good thing? Or bad thing? You know, with the whole clique thing and how much that may mean to a kid going through adolescence. I mean, wow they are going to follow all their friends drama and successes for a while. Is that overload?

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I think Facebook is a bad thing. However, I can’t seem to get rid of it.

Facebook for young kids is horrible. Kids start posting everything about themselves on there believing that their pictures or whatever are “private”. The information has to be stored somewhere .. which means someone has it.

Aside from the privacy issue, facebook can be detrimental to kids who should be learning how to properly communicate. Instead, they are on a website using text-speak. The opportunity cost is very high.

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@digitalimpression I’m just about 99% on board with you. My conservative yet scientific side of me reads the data and knows it’s mostly true, but my liberal side is just like, fuck it, whatever I can’t control her life. So I try not to be involved at all. And I don’t know you know? I don’t know if she puts things on her Facebook to communicate with her family somehow, or if she’s just so numb to that sort of shame yet or whatever it is. She’s at the moment a Facebook champ along with Tumblr and it doesn’t look good. In my day blogging on xanga was good enough and people could read it, but none of this REBLOG or mass comments like they do these days. I found it fun to socialize amongst the street kids.. but hey, new generation, new integration for a new… i dont know i give up

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“Fluther-book” is much better. It is though provoking and doesn’t require you to have upwards of 192 “friends” to enjoy it. It’s just too bad that it is just as addicting.

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Google+ is the place for my 2000 baby. That’s where all his classmates hangout. And Skype, too. He’s even managed to get a significant portion of the family on Google+. So I don’t know. Maybe Facebook is kind of yesterday for the truly with-it kids of 2000. I guess I wouldn’t go betting all my money on Facebook stock, just yet.

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The same as I am doing with my friends… them and remember their good times.

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Kids born in 2000 aren’t even old enough to have a Facebook account, so if they do the parents aren’t doing a very good job of watching the kids internet usage.

I have a 14 yr old daughter and a 16 yr old son, and while I don’t watch over everything they do on line, I do check their history periodically. I know they are pretty careful on line, and they have earned my trust over the years.

I wonder how long Facebook will continue to be the vehicle it is today. I can see them staying connected to hometown friends through college, but as they grow older, I can see Facebook offering a way to add more differentiation amongst friends.

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My sister is also a 2000 baby and is allowed to have Facebook. Not according to their required age of course, but my parents have allowed her. She rarely logs on anyway. My cousin, who is one year younger, also has an account. I have noticed that they are both more careful and often more appropriate in their behaviour online than many adults that I know. They just like to write messages to their friends now and then. And I think that maybe there will be a time when Facebook is replaced by some new online network for their generation. And just like most Facebook users, they will probably remove contacts they are no longer interested in from their contact list and just make some changes throughout the years.

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So as soon as I said that, I tell my son about it and he asks if he can have a Facebook account. I point out he has to lie to get a facebook account. He says he doesn’t mind having to open a new account later on, and transferring all his friends.

Sigh. I don’t mind the gaming of Facebook, but I wish he wasn’t interested in it at all. Facebook contains much sleaze and commercialism, in my opinion, and I wish it didn’t exist.

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Facebook?! That old backwater ! My grandpa has a facebook page. That’s what they’ll say about it. If they have any idea what a backwater is.

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