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Has Facebook reached (and passed) its peak?

Asked by cbloom8 (1718points) February 22nd, 2010

I’ve gotten the feeling over the last couple of months that Facebook has began it’s decent in popularity/quality. There is spam and illegitimate services all over it, everyone and their brother has a profile (far from the old college-only days), and it seems to get more and more trivial and silly, with pages about everything and anything. Has Facebook reached it’s peak? Has it come to the top of it’s popularity and will it now become a vile, unorganized social website like MySpace?

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Well, if another social network proves to be better than Facebook, then sure.

Until then, Facebook is still at the top spot.

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Facebook’s “descent” will occur because Facebook’s primary interest is in advertising revenue while its users are a secondary concern.

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I think it already reached its peak for me personally because I just don’t use it as much as I did in high school. Sophomore year I updated my status like it was Twitter. ” tired” must’ve been every damn night. Why did I think that was necessary?! lol. I was more about sharing everything and talking non-stop on it back in high school. I still use it of course (I use Facebook chat a lot more than I used to; it’s replaced IM for me in many ways), but it just seemed like it was during high school when I used Facebook the most. It really is just due to being busier and more mature/older that I use it less now.

I don’t know about the whole trivialization thing. The time when everyone was obsessed with all those lame apps has passed. Almost no one I know does that anymore (it just doesn’t show up like it used to either).

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in the end, google will buy facebook.

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Like MySpace, it will fall, only to be replaced with something else.

Holds up baby lion for all Jellies to see.

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@Captain_Fantasy Exactly! I innocently joined Fecesbook (my pet name for them) at the request of a highschool friend, forming a reunion group there. I am not skilled at computer use; so I apparently did not “uncheck” some box or something, which gave Facebook access to my contacts list at one email address, then apparently they followed these names to ALL my contacts lists, at all my email addresses, and created fraudulent “memberships” for them on FaceBook, thus greatly increasing their membership numbers, and, as you so adeptly pointed out, allowing them to command higher advertising fees.
The way I discovered this nefarious strategy was one night I got an email notification from them that my mother “Marian” had sent me an “update.” My mother is 93 years old, has never used a computer in her life, and is lying in diapers, dying of Alzheimer’s disease in a nursing home. I had to endure these “updates” from her, like ‘Hi, it’s 2am, I’m going to seep now.” I repeatedly tried to contact Fecesbook about this matter, and they ignored every attempt, hiding behind their lawyers under their slimey, anonymous virtual rock the hide beneath.
Then, I got an email from one of my the members of my highschool reunion group there, sent to an email address of mine I never gave Fecesbook. As I clicked on the link that “invited” me to view his latest photos, I realized that I never gave anyone this particular email address, via an AOL server. Too late. A Virus/hacker/trojan thing took over my computer, began sending fraudulent emails, advertising products I supposedely recommended, etc, to all my contacts, etc. None of my antivirus software—McAffe, norton, stopzilla, etc—could do anything, and I was forced to hire an excellent, albeit costly, professional to come to my home and fix my PC. Nearly every other member of our reunion group had the same experience, some had to buy new computers. Facebook of course is infested with hackers, spammers, the worst sort of creeps, even muslim extremist terrorist orgs tracking particular “groups,” etc. Everyone knows this, of course; but the Microsoft certified Professional Technician that worked on my PC assured me, positively, that only FaceBook could’ve accessed all my contacts and created fraudulent memberships for them; because the owner of Fecesbook is a ruthless, heartless greedy swine, who will do anything to make a buck.
If there are any lawyers reading this, I still think I have grounds for a lawsuit, but don’t know how to go about it. Believe me, reading those fraudulent “updates” from my Mother as she lay dying was quite disturbing. I had in fact created an email account for her, in which I paid her bills, etc, as power of attorney.
Yet another latenight rant that I needed to vent. Feels good. Please don’t bother to tell me how I need to use paragraph indents, etc. How ‘bout you learning to read better instead?

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Facebook is already passe. I’m sick of interacting with the entire world. And revenue is it’s prime concern.

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Absolutely not. With the advent of “fan pages” and the throngs of small businesses joining daily, it is just starting to take off. And I predict Twitter will fall to the wayside iiiiinnn: 2 years.

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Oh, one more thing: FecesBook apparently sold my “membership” profile, etc, and all my friends who joined our group at FecesBook to something called, “MySpace,” ... a nice little bit of side money for mr Fecesbook? I started getting “messages” from Myspace that people were “viewing my profile” there. I went there, and sure enough, I had a profile there, although I’d never been to the site. Is was the same profile I gave Fecesbook! Cute, huh?

Also, you are of course aware that anything you post on Fecesbook is easily copy/pasted by anyone, especially your photos, right? Even I can do it! Just go there, find a photo—yours or a friends, hold the cursor over it, and copy it, then go and paste it on a fraudulent profile, on say, “RedHot Mama’” LOL
Have you seen the news articles about the family that went on vacation to Europe, and saw their family album photo on a billboard ad in Denmark! Another guy went to Japan and saw a ten-foot photo of his face go by on the side of a bus advertisement! LOL
Key issue with Fecesbook other social networking sites: INVASION OF PRIVACY.

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I almost forgot: On the exact day I joined Fecesbook, I received 230 spam messages to the email address I gave fecesbook, and every new spam message had the exact name I used ONLY at fecesbook in the subject heading. In case you were wondering why you seem to be getting more spam…facebook sells your ass to spammers. Da money just keeps on rollin’ in!

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Not a chance. China only has 300 million computer users. The whole asian pacific market is going to add another 1 billion users in the next 5 years. To add to this Facebook is huge over there. With more and more users the whole world is jumping on the band wagon. It may slow in popularity in the North American and European markets but as more people are buying PC’s it is only inevitable that sites such as Fecesbook will only grow in popularity.

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Quite interesting, but why do you care? I guess it depends from your point of view really. I go on to talk to friends, not to wonder how the site is doing and if it has reached its peak.

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I joined FB about a year ago. I cannot count the number of site changes that have occurred since I joined. Right now it bears no resemblance to what I started with. As a result, I rarely even look at it anymore. As for businesses signing up,yeah, so what. I have yet to see one that is of any use whatsoever. And I hate the intrusion of all the damn “games”.

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@ChaoSS I’ve simply felt a change in Facebook over the last few months, and I wanted to know if others felt it too.

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To articulate, what I mean by Facebook peaking is a matter of quality; has it began to go from masterfully crafted website that most people don’t have a problem with to a spam filled, cluttered trash heap? It’s still better than worse right now, but do you think it’s moving in a negative direction?

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@cbloom8 Agree with both your above posts. Yes, I’ve seen huge changes over the last few months. They cannot seem to make up their mind how they want it to look. It is no longer masterfully crafted. It’s practically unintelligible and it has a lot more spam and clutter. I think it is worse rather than better and moving rapidly to even worse. My son introduced me to FB and I started using it more than he did. But he has pretty well given up on it at this point for the reasons you have noted.

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My main complaint with FB is that they can’t seem to get their act together anymore & make the site work. Saturday was a great big mess. I lost half my profile page, posts either wouldn’t post or they disappeared. It was so screwed up that it made the newspapers & the news.

Personally I have a ball there. It’s a great place to keep uo with out of state family & friends. But I’ve cut out most of the crap games I used to play. @DominicX I can’t believe you like the chat there. That’s the biggest joke ever. It can’t keep up with posts & always comes up with some such crap that it couldn’t send my messages.

@plethora as far as the games, just block them as I have. It doesn’t block the person, just the game. It’s really cleaned up my page.

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Facebook is something like a symfony of musicians that can’t keep time. There’s zero coordination, and they make you work pretty hard to do anything more interesting than update your status.

I don’t think Facebook ever peaked. It’s like a movie that didn’t have an ending. There’s absolutely nothing rewarding about using Facebook—no meaningful interaction between users, zero involvement from people other than people you already know, and everyone seems to have this “friend everyone and everything” mentality which completely defeats the purposes of using the site in the first place, which is to interact with people you care about.

Facebook is social, but there’s hardly anything about it that qualifies using it as “networking”. To me it just seems like I log on and see a bunch of status updates from people I was either never really friends with or haven’t talked to in 8 years. I’m always looking for some interesting discussion, so I joined a few groups pertaining to my favorite hobbies, each of which had thousands or tends of thousands of members, yet the discussion boards were dead. I posted in a few discussions over a month ago and my posts are still sitting at the top of the board.

I think once something better comes along it won’t be hard for lots of people to quit using Facebook, or at least use it less.

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I don’t really get into Facebook…there is so much going on, and not many real discussions…..

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Facebook has and does suck.

So many people desperate of 15 min. of fame.

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No, definitely not. Tons, and tons of new people are signing up every day and it’s growing faster than ever. They have about 400 million users right now I think and that is a lot. I love it, it’s probably the best social network in the world. Twitter and myspace are for different purposes so I think Twitter and Facebook will stay on top for a long time.

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@jbfletcherfan I use Facebook chat a lot too. I rarely go on messenger anymore. I think this is because most people have waay more people on their facebook than they do on their msn/google talk/yahoo messenger so most of your friends are on Facebook chat. Also most of my friends hardly go on msn anymore so that’s why I’ve been beginning to replace msn with Facebook Chat (when it’s working anyways).

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@rawrgrr I have MSN IM & I shut it off. I hate it. I love yahoo, tho. I’m on it all the time. (I’m on it right now, ha) You’re probably right about too many people being on the FB chat. It just can’t handle it.

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Yeah, plus to keep talking on FB chat you always have to have one window with FB open which is annoying if you’re done everything on there, unlike MSN or Yahoo (Which I also prefer the latter.) where you can still surf around anywhere.

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@Symbeline That’s why you can separate tabs (at least with Google Chrome.)

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@EgaoNoGenki Also works with Firefox. I’m meaning that it’s annoying to switch back and forth just to talk to someone.

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Peak and face… Hmmmm

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FB has continued to innovate, and with each wave, created new reasons to engage with the platform. Newsfeed, apps, games, Connect. You look back at apps like SuperPoke and it is easy to look at those as a fad, but its always just enough to keep engagement in the platform until they can dream up the next thing. The technology is solid and I see no end in sight

That does not make this whole space a winner take all market. Twitter, for example, serves a very different function, and I suspect there will be other entrants that build meaningful businesses. But FB is here to stay.

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I’ve never had any interest in setting up a Facebook profile…so it wouldn’t bother me either way – whether they’re here for the next hundred years or if they collapsed tomorrow. But it does seem to be a staple to society nowadays.

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I got into FB for about 3 months…posted a bunch of travel photo albums for a few friends, but..burned out really quickly.

I haven’t even looked at my page in 3 months or more now.

I got really bored with the petty dialogue and gossipy stuff some of my aquaintances were involved in..sheesh…how old are we now anyway? lol

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