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What is the best way to apply for a barnes and noble job in the bookstore?

Asked by Rosyblue (71points) May 22nd, 2008
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Ask for a job application.

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Find the manager or hiring manager, shake their hand and say “hey, I’m rosyblue and I was wondering if you were hiring at the time because I’d really like to work here!” (or something along those lines). Put yourself out there, you can do it!

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In a recent study at Ekaf University in Atlatis, it was determined that the best way to get a job is to sit at home all day on fluther.
Fluther on, collective, fluther on!

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Believe that you can do it. Wear business attire when you go in for the application and introduce yourself to the manager. Do some research about the company and the retail book business so you can be knowledgeable during the interview. Smile.

Good luck.

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Marina! That’s what I forgot to say. Wear something professional- and NO sandals.

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company guide lines differ in all companies for this process. If you really want to know call their human resources dept and ask them. most likely you will be told to apply online and not to visit the stores.

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as the others said, i still find it useful to go to the store and speak to the HR person because these kind of stores get tons of online applications. you need to make sure yours doesn’t get lost with the others! so go there, introduce yourself, look good (like the others said), and then if they say that you need to apply online, chances are that person will remember you and be more likely to choose you since you left an amazing impression :)

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Or, go ahead and apply online, then go in and meet the mgr and give him/her your resume following advice above.

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