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Are you willing to do a song comparison? (see inside).

Asked by john65pennington (29240points) February 20th, 2012

The original song came out in the 60s, the remake(cover), came out in the 80s. Both are outstanding versions of this hit song. Give a listen and Question: in your opinion, which is the better version of the following one song?

1. Just One Look(the original) by Doris Troy. 60s?


2. Just One Look by Linda Ronstadt. 80s?

I have listened to both versions over and over again and I cannot decide which version is the best. Your opinion is appreciated.

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I like the original better. It was the 60’s.

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I like both. They each have there own redeeming qualities for me.
A toss up for me!

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I think both singers do this song with perfection. I’ve always liked these both the same @john65pennington. I agree with @blueiiznh: Toss up!

A really great toss up.

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Well, I searched for the song by both singers on YouTube.

I think the original singer from the 60s puts more emotion into the song.

But the second singer from the 80s (1978 actually, according to YouTube) used more modern recording equipment, and so the song seems to have wider dynamic range and better recording quality (and she puts a good deal of emotion into the song, too).

And If you like this song, I found another version that you might like.

So I’d say enjoy both, depending on your mood at the moment :-)

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Here’s another version.

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I don’t even have to listen—I like Linda’s better.

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