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Which positive stereotypical sayings about overweight/obese people are there in your neck of the woods?

Asked by rebbel (25208points) February 20th, 2012

In the Netherlands there is the strange habit to label obese/overweight people for a reason that I can not understand, especially women with some stereotypical characteristics.
“They are all so pretty”.
“She is sociable and pleasant to be with”.
“But they have a certain joie de vivre”.

Where you live, are there also these kind of positively intended, yet, in my eyes, biased stereotypes about overweight people?
If yes, what are they?

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“She has such a beautiful face.”
“What a lovely outgoing personality.”

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That fat men are jolly.

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“Her desserts are the best”

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Fat people are always happy.

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發福 (pronounced “faat-fuk” = “An increase in fortune”

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“Never trust a skinny cook.”
“She has such a pretty face.” (Unsaid corollary is that her figure is not her best feature?)
“You must be happily married.” (Because married people show their happiness by being overweight?)

..and then there are the far less nice ones like..
“Need some cushion for the pushin’ ” (<—this one makes me puke in my mouth a bit each time I hear it)
“She’s queen sized.” (Barf)

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Hrmmm, they’re universal, I see.
Thanks you, all!

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“Blest her little heart, she’s a healthy girl, ain’t she?”

I’m from the American South.

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@rebbel Let me add that children are cruel everywhere. They’re also hilarious but they make you realise just how stupid we all are.

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@Zyx I know, they can be cruel critters ;-)
I was talking about adults though.
Cruel too, those adults :-)

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There’s more of you to love!

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Pleasantly plump.

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Oh yeah, “curvy” on dating websites. I have seen so many women on dating sites who have “curvy” listed as their body type when they are actually morbidly obese. “Curvy” is a good descriptor of Marilyn Monroe or an 18th century idealized woman. Curvy is not a descriptor of someone who eats McDonald’s 7 times a day. Just stop it.

I should note that I can’t think of an equivalent for this that I have observed among men.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Ugh, I hate that curvy has become synonymous with fat in some situations. My size 20+ friend describes herself as “curvy” although when she was much thinner she was straight up and down. Honey, you’re wonderful but you’re fat. Just admit it. I’m actually curvy, and when I was on dating sites I met guys who were surprised I wasn’t fat when they saw my picture. WTH.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, rotund, large stature, big boned (I made myself laugh when I typed that one), big and tall, barrel chested, stocky…

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The jolly/happy stereotype is alive and well.

As a side-note, I was the fat kid in school and faced some fierce rejection, etc because of it. So, I (probably incorrectly) assume that people who are overweight have a taste for what it means to be an outsider. I incorrectly assume that they might be slightly on the outside looking in, which is very appealing to me because of my nature. Often, I am not correct in my assumptions.

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I was the fat girl in school, @tom_g, until I got into high school. I’ve always felt like I was on the outside looking in, but I’m comfortable here. I think the view is better.

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1. MM, she is thick! She’s so juicy!


2. Babies got back!

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@bkcunningham good suggestions, though I’d argue that barrel chested men are typically strong.

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Yeah, I started to delete that one. I agree. I shouldn’t have included that one in the list.

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There is an extremely common bumper sticker in my town:

“Fat people are harder to kidnap!”

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@SavoirFaire – Do you live in Venezuela? I had a colleague there who was kidnapped and his strategy for hastening the end of his captivity (speeding up the negotiations over what his loved ones would pay and how much the kidnappers would accept) was to eat incessantly. He kept saying: “I’m hungry” and asked to eat several times a day. The kidnappers actually said it cost too much to feed him so they hurried up and accepted a lower ransom.
How’s THAT for a plan? Eat so much they can’t afford to keep you!

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@geeky_mama I live in the Southern United States, so the bumper sticker is really just a joke. That sounds like a pretty awesome strategy, though. Glad to hear it worked!

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“They float better in water, so they have a better chance of survival.”

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Fat people give better hugs!

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – I think many people on dating sites just grossly underestimate their size. I had a male friend ask me to look at his personal profile. He wanted to know why it was that almost no women answered his ad, and when they did, they would end their one and only date early with him. When describing his body type, he said he had “a few extra pounds.”

I have no idea how much he weighed, but he was so big that couldn’t fit in most living room chairs. When he went in for a gastric bypass, the doctor told him that it wasn’t safe to do the surgery until he lost 75 pounds. “A few HUNDRED extra pounds” was a much more accurate description of his situation.

Once I told him to be straight up and honest about the fact he was extremely fat in his profile, he got more hits and ended up meeting his wife. Maybe it was coincidence, but I think his honesty about his weight did two things—it made his profile more real and honest, AND it called attention to the women out there who didn’t mind dating a fat guy.

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@keobooks Once I told him to be straight up and honest about the fact he was extremely fat in his profile, he got more hits and ended up meeting his wife.

That’s exactly how I feel about this kind of thing. If one is big and on a dating site, one should own up to it and make it there own. Be confident about it. That’s a lot more attractive than stretching the truth, and it saves a larger person the trouble of wondering why they are being rejected after first date after first date with people who just aren’t looking for a partner their size.

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@Fiddle and keobooks

Thus proving the old adage that ” Theres a lid for every pot”

…but finding the right lid necessitates an accurate measurement of the pot, to begin with.

Or, I agree with you both :)

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