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How do social media, technology, and business affect each other?

Asked by MarcoDemarco (221points) February 20th, 2012

How do social media, technology, and business affect each other?

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Businesses benefit by feeding off of what social media sites have to offer, a place for people to hang out in the internet. Technology feeds off this by giving jobs to people who focus on social media sites. Those are just a fraction of the opportunities. My 2 cents.

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Without technology, there would be no social media. Without business, there could be no investment in technology that allows social media. There are a gazillion other affects, too, but there’s a start. It’s trivially simple, at least as the question is written.

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That’s a really broad question, with a lot of different answers, and it depends on if you’re a technologist, businessman or social butterfly. Since it’s open-ended, there’s no real concrete answer, you should do a little more research and draw your own conclusions…

After all, Facebook is a solid example of all three of those things.

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Here’s an example.

The company I work for has a presence on several social networls such as twitter and facebook. They scour the (public) posts on these sites looking for mention of the comany. Where there is a positive comment, we will post back a friendly, chatty reply. Where there is a negative one, we post to ask them what went wrong and how we can fix it. Our aim is to respond to every single negative comment within half an hour of it being posted. Yes, we have staff working 24/7 on this.

Countless customers have said how impressed they were with how quickly situations got resolved and because of the way their complaint was dealt with, they reversed their negative opinion of the company and became positive. More importantly, all of that person’s friends and followers will also see the complaint being resolved, in realtime, minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.

I think it’s brilliant.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your responses. I agree that business and technology mold to fit the form of social media.

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