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How has social media helped your business?

Asked by kthompson6608 (11points) January 11th, 2017

What ways, negative and positive has social media help with your business.

I have been trying to run my business with social media for three years now and it seems to be going nowhere fast. Yes, it takes a while to build clientele but how can i build it even more?

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I can’t give you a solid answer just today but a year ago I entrusted a younger secretary with the task of handling all my company’s social media. With the blog on our main website, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and recently 2 satellite websites that host information specific to each division…safe to say she is a very busy girl. Web orders and web inquiries have never been higher. A lot of work that you have to have someone you can rely on to be relentless in making it all happen unless that person is you…then I pity you!~

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I said “younger” worker as she is in tune with Snapchat and Instagram, avenues previously I was not a participant in. She is lighting these social media sites on fire and there are positive results. Do sign up for LinkedIn and work it if you have a serious reason to be doing business.

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