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Is there any way to fill out an Adobe Acrobat form with out form fields?

Asked by Blonderaven (387points) February 22nd, 2012

I am trying to fill out a form for a college application. The problem is, the form was obviously meant to be printed and sent in manually, and I am in a foreign country and this is not a practical option. I am told I can e-mail the form to the school, but there are no “form fields”

The closest thing I’ve managed to do is copy paste to Word Pad, but the formatting is very jumbled (I tried to copy “with formatting” not really helping) Is there anything better I can do?

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Do you have Acrobat Pro? You can use text editor to write in the appropriate places in the document though, man it can be a bitch to get it aligned properly.

Maybe the quickest option would be to print it, fill it out, scan it, and email it back to them. Are there any print shops close to you?

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you could try PDF Escape

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filling it out by hand, scanning to pdf and emailing it back is probably your best option.

There is a “typewriter” function in Acrobat Pro which allows you to type where you want to.

Also, if you can convert the pdf to a jpg, you can put it into Word and type on top of it in the right places. But as @dappled_leaves says, it’s a pita to line it up right.

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@Blonderaven If you are using Windows, get the free version of PDF-XChange Viewer.

It does EXACTLY what you want and it’s free.

It has all sorts of options for typing onto a PDF. Not only simple typewriter mode, but you can add circles and squares, arrows, and colored highlighting.

I use it every day marking up documents for a law practice, pointing out, outlining and labelling important facts and figures.

Highly recommended!!

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