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How can I convert a PDF into an ePub so I can view it in iBooks?

Asked by rawrgrr (1568points) August 1st, 2011

Does anyone know how I can convert a book i found in PDF format to ePub? I tried using a Mac app called calibre and it worked but it didn’t really get the Table of Contents right (by this I mean it added a new interactive table of contents that iBooks all have, which wasn’t very good, and still kept the original text version of the table of contents in the actual epub that was originally in the book sorry if that wasn’t clear), maybe I missed something. Can someone help me please? Thanks!

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I was going to suggest Calibre, but see you have already tried that. As you’ve found, PDF’s are tricky to convert and it’s virtually impossible to get a linked TOC. There are two possible solutions. First, you can visit; they have discussion forums with technical advice about using Calibre. Second, have you tried to find the book online in ebook format? If the book is in the public domain, you can probably find it at (and as a bonus, their books usually feature a linked TOC).

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Calibre is as good as you’re going to get. Because PDF books are just PDFs and not actual books, there’s no real way for programs to know which part is the TOC and which isn’t. Sorry!

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@lonelydragon Thanks for your reply! I tried finding it on that website but unfortunately the books aren’t free. I should’ve just searched for the title in ePub format as you suggested. I found one with a table of contents! :) thank you

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You can read it in iBooks without converting it to an epub! I usually email myself the pdf, then, i open it in Mail, then it asks me, in the top right han corner if id like to view it in iBooks (it actually saves it in iBooks.

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+1 for @jdogg response. I just did this last night. In fact, I didn’t even have to email it to myself. I found it online in a downloadable PDF format. 122 pages now on my iBooks in PDF format :)

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@jdogg Thanks for the response. Yes I already knew about that but unfortunately PDFs in iBooks don’t let you add notes, highlights, dictionary, table of contents, etc. I already have many PDFs in iBooks but I would prefer to read them as ePubs.

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