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Help me convince my brother that he is still sick? (Please see details)

Asked by NostalgicChills (2784points) February 22nd, 2012

My brother came home telling me about how he almost got sent home today because of his cold since “the nurse didn’t want him getting anyone sick.” So I told him to stay away from me because I don’t want to get sick either. Upon hearing this, he proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t sick anymore just because he said he had Tylenol 4 hours ago. I tried explaining to him that it only decreases/lessens some of your symptoms, rather than getting rid of the whole cold. He doesn’t believe me and thinks that I’m “full of crap”, so I just wanted some proof from the wise people of Fluther.

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“the nurse didn’t want him getting anyone sick.”

If he doesn’t get that the school sent him home to prevent viral spread, I don’t know what would get through to him. School prefers you’re present to learn. They send you home when you’re unwell or contagious.

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He is still contagious. Have him google it—on another keyboard.

Also make a side bet with him If you get sick in 5 days you have the right to kick him in the nuts.
That will drive home the lesson about contagions.

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Just decide what you need to do for yourself; the rest is his business.

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Yo, @NostalgicChills’ bro: take it from your sis, we’re all wise guys and gals here.
You. Still. Have. A. Cold.

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YES. You guys convinced him!
Thank you! :DD

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one of you guys lock yourself away.

Maybe he felt better for a minute.

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My youngest brother had a heart transplant at 2. As a result he takes medicines which suppress his immune system. My entire family has been warned over and over by his doctors that we all need to keep our distance for up to a week after our last symptoms of any cold. The general rule of thumb is that whenever you experienced your last symptoms, you are still capable of transmitting a virus/cold for up to a week after. Fact.

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@NostalgicChills It’s too late for you anyway, you’ve already been exposed, the next few days will tell.

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I have pneumonia and it started with a cold. It sucks!
Keep your distance and wash your hands.

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