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Why is a my new Western Digital MyBook Studio Pro II making strange sounds?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 23rd, 2008

I just received this and a few hours later, the drive seems to be making a strange sound (almost the kind that you would expect to hear if you were slicing something on a chopping board) and wont be detected by my Mac or PC. Any ideas on how to reset it? Is it just plain defective?

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I have to go with defective. I have a Western Digital MyBook and it is damn near silent. It does vibrate the desk a bit when it spins up. I certainly wouldn’t trust yours with data. Send it back.

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Yeah, sounds like it has a hard drive fault. Hard drives inside WD Mybook products have moving parts, and it’s probably been knocked around during transit.

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Thanks guys. I figured as much but throught there was some kind of self-correction mechanism in there making it rewrite/format the entire drive.

I see a lot of negative posts about it out there so maybe its time to get something else.

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Well, I’ve got a Mybook premium (1st gen) and it’s still going strong. I wouldn’t write it off if it was just damaged in the post…

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Thanks Seven. I did plan on giving it another shot but there is a lot of negative stuff about it out there.

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