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Arabic guitar tunes?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5487points) February 24th, 2012

Hi, does anyone know a good site with tabs and chords of standard arabian tunes adapted for guitar? I don’t know Arabic, I just want to learn to play something… different, but cannot find anything on the net. Please help.

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Sorry, should be “arabian, or arab guitar tunes” – my English is a bit rusty these days…

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try a sitar???

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Is the guitar an Arabian instrument?

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I have a guitar and figured someone out there must have transcribed (if sitar chords are much different) chords/tabs for guitar and am looking for those…

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usually it is a drone with melody. different structure than chords
I would listen to Ravi Shankar and improvise.

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@jazmina88 thanks for the tip, these are more indian tunes than arabian ones imo, idk. Got anything more up that alley? Cheers!

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My friends from Yemen don’t listen to any western music.I suspect that because guitars are used in rock music (and rock music is bad), they’d shy away from any music from a guitar. Thus, guitar music would be hard to find in their culture. (This is honestly how they think.) You’ll probably have to improvise.

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