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Which creature is the missing link between the Smurfs and the Na'vi?

Asked by rebbel (34225points) February 24th, 2012

Obviously the Smurfs and the Na’vi are related, but after hours and hours of searching the Internet my conclusion for now is:
I don’t know who or what the missing link between the two is/was…or, who did the Smurfs shag with…?
Do you maybe have any idea?

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Na’vi did not evolve from Smurfs (Smurves?). There is no missing link.

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The CGI Creator’s

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Violet Beauregarde the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka.

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American Republicans? You know, blue and all. : )

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The Blue Meanies crossed with the Care Bears!

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The smurfs put their sperm in petri dishes with eggs from the giant women at the top of the beanstalk, and the Na’vi were thus created. Sadly, Smurfette couldn’t contribute, due to a strange disease that left her with scrambled eggs.

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Somehow I suspect that the Blue Man Group was involved.

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Whatever happened did so under a Blue Moon.

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The blue kid in the pool

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Maybe not the missing link, but a common ancestor to both would be this Blue Frog

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Oh, you guys, I have waited for such a Q! Obviously, the Smurfs crossed with the Green Warriors of Barsoom to create the 10 foot tall Navii or however you spell the big blue people. And let’s remember, I know whereof I speak, as my daughter is one….

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Isn’t it Grover’s tribe?

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No, @Jeruba , although I often bow to your superior knowledge, I think that Grover is a sport, a one-off, an odd duck, if you will, and has no discernible DNA contribution to this circumstance.

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Butbutbut—he is an avatar animated by someone else. That puts him close to Jake Scully. And he does come from a large family. These are just a few of the more famous members.

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Where does Krishna play into all of this?

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I want Gonzo’s shirt. That is a waaaaay cool shirt. And after all is said and done, manah, manah.

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I can’t believe you just got that damn song stuck in my head. <sigh>

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@filmfann, @Kardamom already said that way ^^^ up there.

And then there’s The Little Blue Man. Gawd, does anybody else here remember when that thing was a popular tune on the radio?

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Prolly these muthas.
Either that, or as @Kardamom suggests, Violet. Love that movie to death. creepy boat ride on the chocolate river with fucked up visions sends all nazis to hell, yeah!

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Blue Peter.

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Thank you, guys!
I think, after reading all the responses, there can only be one conclusion:
It was the Blue Man Group that are responsible….

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What about Blue Boy and Little Boy Blue. These two fellows must surely play a role in the evolution, here, right?

And what about Mile’s Davis? So What? The ultimate Soundtrack for anything remotely resembling azure, turquoise, cobalt or indigo.

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