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Would you care to share your favorite Oscar trivia?

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) February 26th, 2012

In honor of this evening’s Oscar broadcast, would you like to share your favorite bit of Oscar trivia? For instance, while many folks (such as Woody Allen) shun the ceremony, only one Oscar was never picked up after the show. It was George C. Scott’s Oscar for his Best Actor performance in Patton.

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From 1935 untill 1961 kid actors were awarded the Academy Juvenile Oscar.

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There are only two families that have three generations of Oscar winners.

The Huston family:
Walter Huston won Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Treasure of Sierra Madre); John Huston won Best Director, The Treasure of Sierra Madre in 1948, and Anjlica Huston won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Prizzi’sHonorin 1985. The Hustons are the only grandfather, father and daughter to have won Oscars (although not for the same movie, which would really be something, huh?).

The Coppola family:
Carmine Coppola won Best Original Dramatic Score, The Godfather in 1974; Francis Ford Coppola won Best Original Screenplay for Patron (1970), Best Adapted Screenplay, The Godfather (1970), Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, The Godfather: Part II (1974), and Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation won for Best Original Screenplay in 2004; Nicholas Cage, Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew, won Best Actor for his role in Leaving Las Vegas, in 1995.

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“only one Oscar was never picked up after the show. It was George C. Scott’s Oscar for his Best Actor performance in Patton.”

Not so! Dalton Trumbo couldn’t pick his up Oscar for “The Brave One” because he was blacklisted and his winning script had been written under an assumed name, his Oscar for “Roman Holiday” was given to the man whose name he borrowed to write it.

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Walter Brennen won three times.
His first acceptance speech was: “Thank you!”
His second acceptance speech was: “Thank you very much!”
His third acceptance speech was: “Thank you very, very much!”

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Walt Disney has won 26 Oscars. 22 competitive & 4 honorary. (suck on that, Meryl) :)

A special Oscar statuette was made just for Walt in honor of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. It had 7 tinier Oscar statuettes next to the regular one. Seen here in Walt’s display case.

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For the votes to be a tie is a very rare occurence, but it can happen, and did in 1968 when Katherine Hepburn (A Lion in Winter) and Barbara Streisland (Funny Girl) were each awarded Best Actress.
The rules state that if first and second place are within three votes of each other, a tie is declared, however in this instance it was an exact match.

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A horse has never won an academy award, better luck next time Sarah Jessica Parker.

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The Artist is the first silent film to win best picture award since Wings in 1927/28.

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