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Tomorrow it is the 29th of February; a free day! What things are free tomorrow?

Asked by rebbel (24988points) February 28th, 2012

The newspaper you receive tomorrow (if you have a subscription on it)? Free!
You rent your house? Free!
A full day of Fluther? Free!

What else can you think of that is free on this year’s leap day?

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All the air you can breathe.

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Nekkid Pancakes.

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My birthday, I will have my 14th birthday February 29

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My Wedding Anniversary. it’s our 2nd, or 8th depending on how you look at it

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Congratulations, @DrBill!
And you too, @SpatzieLover!

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@SpatzieLover Wow, I bet it’s easier to book a wedding for Feb 29 than any other day of the year!

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@dappled_leaves Quite. It’s Saddie Hawkins day. I planned the entire thing for our time in Vegas.

It’s a great date to celebrate on, too. Every family member remembers our anniversary ;)

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Haha! Brilliant planning.

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A contented, self satisfied grin playing across the lips of a sexy lady who just happened to receive a nod & a wink from yours truly.

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I was going to say, “I am!” but I’m busy. Sorry. Maybe next time.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think anything is going to be any more free than any other day. I guess we’ll just have to settle for whatever priceless things that might happen.

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My pussy. Oh wait that’s everyday

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@Ponderer983: Whoa! Down squirrel.

@SpatzieLover & @DrBill: Congrats.

Well, seeing as I’m going for my third interview for a job I’d really like tomorrow, I’m hoping the goodwill is flowing freely.

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I want a condo in Manhattan

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I’m getting a free lunch. One of my colleagues is retiring, the 29th is his last day and the manager is raiding petty cash to lay on a buffet party.

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@cprevite There is a reason this squirrel is around nuts a lot ;)

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I-Hop served up free pancakes today. Although I don’t know if they were nekkid.:-} Tomorrow MickyD’s is giving out free coffee. Yippee!

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@DrBill so have you started noticing girls?~

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